In The State of Pennsylvania, government-sponsored murder to my knowledge invariably starts with a sex overture.  Once the victim is bitten by the spider of shame, the venom of assassination is skillfully administered, and this sex-and-death wheel of fortune, authored from the highest Executive offices, provided what seemed to one lingering shadow of trauma a […]

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Playing Chicken with Illusion

That the AIDS Epidemic was a planned military operation is a study of specialized deceit that can only barely be discussed openly because of precautions taken by Berkeley University. Ramparts Magazine was notorious for its hallucinogenic tableaux and anti-war rhetoric yet its staff became the most noxious ultra-conservative led by David Horowitz and Noam Chomsky […]

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Souring on Skateboards

Skate culture in Pittsburgh seemed renegade in 1986 and I liked the Nazi Punks Fuck Off challenge that I saw on some of the local scene, so I took up with them long enough to take some great action snapshots, which were lost in the stalinist purge launched when authorities became infuriated that Martha Gellhorn […]

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