Souring on Skateboards

Skate culture in Pittsburgh seemed renegade in 1986 and I liked the Nazi Punks Fuck Off challenge that I saw on some of the local scene, so I took up with them long enough to take some great action snapshots, which were lost in the stalinist purge launched when authorities became infuriated that Martha Gellhorn […]

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In Defense of a Mental Case

Most of my readers, all of my family, and all but a few of my friends feel strongly that there is a much more simple explanation for my essays than what I represent as what happened, and that is that I am an intelligent person confused in my views by mental illness and this takes […]

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Abuse: The Darkness Within

I’m going to post about a different sort of situation and see what you think. As a child, I was tortured very brutally, mutilated, molested and horrifically slandered by an organized child trafficking guild including members of the police department at that time who engineered a fall from grace, using me sexually so I would […]

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Legal System? Try Getaway System

Let us do what the FBI refuses and examine the case as concerned neighbors in civil watchdog assembly.  The foreign English would have it held from Pittsburgh to Topeka that the queerbait was born an alien, estranged by seering violent injury from the trust of his loving grandparents, wormtongued asunder from his distinguished father, upon […]

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Obama: Revenge for the South

The Union castrated me in return for Section 8 housing.  This was part of Obama’s take on the AIDS Onslaught and characteristically they are re-evaluating it in a process that could leave me homeless again, a deaf man, with medical complications caused by Seattle’s sadistic medical malpractice and terrible injuries from being tortured as a […]

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Dirty Little Secret

One of the problems with the flim-flam of theoretical psychology is its dismissal of literature and the rights of the disabled. Further, the authoritarian structure of society built to give second-class citizenship to people with limited education define a person who is deaf and unable to complete school as delinquent no matter how dignified their […]

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