AIDS: The Gays Are To Blame

The British knew that music is morale. The Beatles were used by the British military for the AIDS plan with the premeditated collusion of the Beatles and the blessings of their unconcerned and unaffected people. The Vietnam War in America was a terrible problem because of the Draft. Had their been no Draft there would have been no protest. Through incredibly powerful and weird strategy, Britain managed to get the AIDS victims to accept that AIDS was manmade on behalf of their own killers. All the Beatles wanted were the rights to lie with incredible deceit and sell their snake oil. Their own AIDS victims are war criminals.

The Federal Government, led by Barack Obama, plotted a game of abolition of the 13th Amendment involving slavery of a specific person. The situation with regard to how I was tortured cannot be both deliberate poison, by a strategic nerve agent, and a case of self-inflicted overdose. Since the evidence shows that the Neurobehavioral Research team gave a child a nerve agent, PITT has sought to confiscate and destroy the evidence, just as the Beatles wrote and alibi for Mt. Desert Island and sought to destroy the seduction of the victim by Peter Gabriel, already a complicated social history.

Hillary Clinton authorized a set of human sacrifices in the matter. One of the arrangements in the new book by Ralph Proctor about the Civil Rights Movement in Pittsburgh is very revealing. It describes simultaneously the ingenious organization of Black Panthers and the Postal Workers Employee Union. This explains something that happened in Seattle when I received a tandem mail demanding my bagel knife with a cardiac warning in a tube after a heart poison crime, and one of the Green Party attaches working with Black Panthers changed his name to Meat Weapon just before Sound Mental Health authorized the slasher murder of Shannon Harps in an act of human sacrifice by Obama and the F.B.I. Although I already knew the Post Office was involved, and that it was a Black Panther action involving Midori Goto and the Green Party, I did not realize it was being rationalized as a Civil Rights action. But the case is very strange and those who released AIDS have had control over the protests.

One of the things we have learned very clearly from the tragedy of Sir McCartney’s organization of media to allow for the AIDS Onslaught and to deceive the victims is that Rock ‘N Roll musicians are the merchants of death. They totally underwrite the war machine. Their concept of love, sorrow and emotion are like Halliburton’s attempts to own water. Nothing could be clearer from the way the British Invasion purposefully deafened little Jimmy Crary for political ends.

The rock industry settled on a deceit. Yoko Ono’s carefully crafted Noble Widow masquerade was unmasked when she dropped the pretense. The deeply burrowing neurological injury was known from study by Neurobehavioral Research to chemically cause jealous seizures. This was unavoidable and involuntary as a result of nerve poison. Yet King Crimson organized it as a show stopper, aware of the poison and its exculpatory nature, they set about cultivating a public atmosphere of derision towards the victim in a society thoroughly unconcerned about the nature of the deceit. Their sale of hate was the might have been question about the death of John Lennon. Inciting AIDS victims on a victim of child mutilation torture was simply a question of the profit motive. They designed the crime to fink on personal injury by demanding human sacrifice to gang theory of the Green Party, who hoped to exploit a private tragedy to raise money for their propaganda department.

Ayn Rand’s character Steve Mallory spoke of the horror of being locked in a room with a beast of prey or animal with its mind eaten out, and you could reason at great heights but it would simply look at you licky chops. This is the character of AIDS victims in the Green Party, ravenous haters capable of human sacrifice leering over a victim of nerve poisoning and slavery. I have been abandoned by friends, family and school to an insane degree. In my mailbox there is never a message of any kind. Under the blare of schizophrenia, alone for over twenty years, there is never interest in me, and the murderers had me chemically castrated. All of them are looking for a way to deride my character and use me as a souvenir. It is the saddest indictment of an immoral society since the writings of the Marquis de Sade. There is literally no one who can be turned to for help, pity or mercy, all of them are on a rampage to divest of what they call victim status. The idea of torture is met with the insane demand for black reparations. The school system of the City of Pittsburgh has gone completely stark raving mad.

Just as in Russia, in America those who can get away with anything do, and that obviously, very obviously, means the Beatles. Nothing can redeem such evil. Although their seems to be only their malicious legend behind their use of attack prostitution, the truth is very evil, as a service rendered to those who started AIDS. The deceit behind Sound Mental Health’s arrest of me, after they tried to provoke suicide and then threatened a slasher injection of AIDS tainted blood, was part of a long series of religious crimes by minions of Brian Eno, the broker of Possible Worlds. When the British fairies of rock decided to backstab the AIDS Generation, they worked with HitlerReagan on Glasnost, the establishment of Jericho for Palestine, the release of Havel and Mandela, and the rise of a Black Mr. President. The AIDS victims were expendable and offered various stories, like 911, and the deranged and horrid abuse of Crary. To demand compensation to AIDS victims is a manner of adding insult to injury. No charity is possible, it would only serve to empower true evil.

Eugene Sledge spoke of being scolded by an Army chaplain for misusing Japanese skulls. The poor man who upbraided him he said just didn’t want to see that last slender edge of civilization abandoned. In the ravages by the AIDS victims and their insane sadism, the sickness and evil of Peter Gabriel’s mind, we have seen that last slender edge of civilization violated to an insane degree. When I went to PITT for help and mediation in 1993, they confiscated the evidence seeking to destroy it. The AIDS victims have erected a historic barrier against the truth in defense of those who started AIDS for the simple pleasure of being Nazis themselves.

Just as it cannot be both poison by agency and self-inflicted, so, too, is the nerve agent a poison crime being exploited by the British profilers on behalf of the assassins. It took the Beatles to deceive the AIDS victims, but they went along with it, at this late date, to their own blame.

Mac Crary’s father, Ryland Wesley Crary, was the author of the textbook: Humanizing the School


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