The Mystery of Tony Levin

As a child, thoughtful about the war, peace, race, hope, justice, but not educated enough to know what my sensibilities meant in the long and windy world of argument and rhetoric, I just had some strong feelings about right and wrong, I spent a lot of time listening to music, as many people do, especially when they are young. My love for King Crimson was known to everyone who knew me. It came first with me in everything, my dealings with family, my friends and school. I thought they were really important in the scheme of things. Even my enemies noted as much. Mother spoke for them of course in calling it an obsession. To disprove that point I would have to do dissertation about what I loved, admired and thoughtfully mused, which tragically for me I would rather not do. So much of my life is lost now, but I still have to cut my losses when I can.

Dad was fun, intellectual and noteworthy. The Regional Director of Amnesty International called him a hero. He went down a waterslide in a three piece suit to make children cry out with glee. People liked to say he would wear himself out with foolishness, but he spoke French fluently and lectured on five continents, led a Peace Corps chapter, fought the Japanese in Leyte Gulf and was a distinguished educator. You’d think, because of his love for life, and the way his own foolishness adds up, that Tony Levin would have wanted to associate with my father, rather than tear him down, and the fact that it did not go that way is a mystery, but it is a mystery I think I’ve solved.

When a vicious military action takes place, the tragic fact that there are losses should not lead to division and recrimination, but re-grouping. When it was found that a nuclear war game, a cats game, involving the Ribacks was schematically coded to get my father Ry back for his belief in the public trust (we all understand now that John Lennon is said not to have been an advocate for Right to Know Laws) and this machine intelligence aspect to the Holy War operation by Bush was why Mark Chapman, (known to have been a Fundamentalist Christian), had the book Catcher in the Rye, Levin should have twisted Ringo Starr’s arm into putting aside his noxious Lennon obsession with the etiquette of blue bloods who know that you have to let objective investigation take place and that you do not put interested, emotionally mentally disturbed powers into a biased operation blaming innocent people to let the guilty ride high and go free. This was a case, on my end, about King Crimson, not John Lennon, about AIDS. Levin has engaged in a ridiculous argument of endless error servicing my captivity as a capture of fetish sadists. In point of fact, Levin worked with Jason Riback in getting Ry back, for God knows what, by attacking me in a neuroplasm with Rosa, teaching me not to talk about things that are secret.

What they should have done, were obliged and called upon to do, was immediately say, Crary has had an impacted neurotrauma from torture, did not understand these letters, and immediately warn that a systematic murder of Lennon and King has been proven a function of a planned Holy War ideology based on the insane theme that AIDS was Just War,

I’ve explained what should have happened, why it didn’t implicates Robert Fripp and Her Majesty’s Government in a terrible act of nightmare war crime, the execution of AIDS in a plot by Adolf Hitler’s avengers. One of the primary characteristics of political fallacy in America is the taboo against viable opposition to an absence of ethics in the business community. Approaches tarred by grueling smears in an environment of pragmatism from minorities cannot arbitrate the lies of money. Since business tycoons are entitled to lie, there is no public disclosure law requiring consumers be allowed to know the details for examples of merchandise mark-ups, the drift towards empowerment of like-minded individuals keeping others out, while investing in war as personal enrichment has come to be a dangerous thing to question. Our society, allowing very brutal sportsman to engage in rape conquest and spoils war games, has been endorsed by people who refuse to suspect what is suspicious, indeed brazen threats to murder the children in my family by known slasher murder assassins are being denied by psychiatrists responsible with slanders like paranoid as though having mental illness is a punishable offense. Beneath the surface of this colossal cultural franchise, increasingly funereal with incidents like Fukushima, the Film Project has been uncovered, cinema encryption by Hitler in survivorship operating through Hollywood which needs to be seen with captions to be easily detected. Subtlety is easy to camouflage when people don’t know what they’re looking for.

“Millions diecide,” in the script of Gail Burstyn, was text, not mis-spell. Rather than immediately say, Crary has had an impacted neurotrauma from torture, did not understand these letters, and immediately warn that a systematic murder of Lennon and King has been proven a function of a planned Holy War ideology based on the insane theme that AIDS was Just War, Tony Levin began selling the idea that sharing contagion was an answer of cult therapy. Ringo Starr, while singing merrily, “get along little dogey, it’s your misfortune and none of my own,” engaged in contagion glee, smearing the campus report with tabloid lampoons, writing viciously, “you gonna eat that?” and “stick it in your mouth,” while privately sneering, “if you wash I’ll be offended.”

Look at the list of the chemical and biological weapons they have already used some on myself some on others:

Pancreatic Cancer agent
Deafness nerve agent
Child mutilation
Atypical Facial Pain nerve agent
Quik Easy Paint Thinner
Slasher homicide
Stomach poison
Heart poison
Chemical castration

while claiming to be from Amnesty International.

It was refusal to square up about what happened that defeated us before we began, not the death of John Lennon.


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