No Waste of Joy in the USA

It has become a practice to ignore my letters no matter how heavy they are, and this fact that been exhibited throughout a twenty five year ordeal of catastrophic ruination. Despite this fact, the issues have not changed. Political dissent, and the torture of political dissent, are an unusual species of occurrence not usually associated with the United States, despite our horrid twin legacies of slavery and segregation, with the attending murder of abolitionists. Our political address is content with silencing testimony of nerve injury causing a lifelong ordeal of abominable and inhuman suffering, but it is not only the injury itself that testifies to the horrific inhumanity of our condition as a people, but the way it was attacked and used by the forces in place advertising themselves as outlets for principled change and social work.

Tycoons are known to laugh at the injustice they visit on the under-privileged and still command admiration. We are a society of terrific waste, but there is no waste for joy, only for cruelty. We waste on war, not on celebration of life. To waste a deaf poet’s life seems to many a demonstration of our beknighted profligacy.

AIDS was attended by the most ruthless fraud in human history. The footprints and fingerprints of Ringo Starr stomp all over the attending acts of malicious lying. He brought in vying criminal syndicates, sneering at the very idea of the right to know, raping a deaf girl and calling it beautiful. The insanity of the attack was buttressed by the super-wealth and enigmatic prestige of the Beatles in a society driven by the slavish and idiotic way people actually seem to believe them a force for the good, when all the evidence shows that Ringo Starr is Pope of the Zombies, a murderer of poison and death like Hitler.

Braying that if Hero met Archimedes there would have been an industrial boom before the population explosion, working with Reagan, clemencing lies, surrounding my name with positive signs because he says I cudda saved John Lennon, with “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts” as his motive, Paul McCartney launched a vicious cover operation for AIDS that has made a dark laugh at our Press freedoms, strangling them in blackout, while spreading a nauseating sidetracking story about virginity to justify his rapine in its name. His stupid claim that by adopting a script they say they didn’t write in partnership and on behalf of those who did write it from a society who admitted from the beginning they were unconcerned and unaffected by AIDS, he has authored countless act of home invasion, rape, torture and murder, as though such actions have something to do with justice!

The fact that there was a nerve agent involved and that Leslie Katz was uninjured showed beyond the shadow of a doubt that King Crimson, to whom I appealed, should have invested in my defense. They had a friend in me. Instead, in acts of torrential blackmail and violence crime from so long ago it now seems like a different age of man, they unleashed terrible slanders, getting deaf Jeannie raped in a mind-shattering way during the exact frame of reference that Olga Havel’s Committee of Goodwill in Prague was commending me for my eulogy in her honor. Rather than support a deaf poet with a prize lady as seemed to be what they were offering, they had hired Rosa to do home invasion for cruel attacks on an impacted neuroplasm that they knew about and about which they withheld information that could have healed, on behalf of child mutilationists, to profit from a crime they claimed to be protesting, in partnership with the true authors and to protect their landstake in power assured by such cruelty.

Peter Gabriel nightmarish authored a slur campaign welded to the dark truth, with asides about the macabre misuse of King Crimson by PITT’s Neurobehavioral Research team, but being amused, and manipulating the scene by poisonous libels about race, he rampaged to have the evidence the emerged destroyed, terrorizing everyone with rape, slasher homicide and driving me into long, screaming homeless ordeals. Not content with rape and torture, The Beatles had me chemically castrated by Harborview Medical Center in Seattle, without victim or trial, to sanctify the slander campaign they orchestrated to cover for a premeditated AIDS testing war game found out on Mt. Desert Island.


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