The Jellybean Escalator

The social history of the AIDS cabinet reveal that it was regarded as a shrewd and necessary business and political decision. The Federal Bureau of Investigation are perfectly content to allow it to transpire as an act of cultural piracy. Note that the letters of Gail Burstyn contained illegal homework, were clocked to U.S. Military entrapment in a war game involving child molesters and their jailbait hirelings, directed at licensing not only brutal corporal punishment, but mutilation injury while calling it a mob act of retaliatory justice for having been targeted as a humanist’s child. The spiritual direction of the subsequent series of insane crimes arrives with the idea that if you torment the humanist soul God will hear and you will be blessed. Interestingly, my phone line went dead after I requested the Pittsburgh Police Department’s Investigation Branch phone number.

The seductive reasoning of Ming Na Wen as the pirate girl behind Reagan’s retaliatory attack for notifying the authorities has its origins in this social history, back in the 1980’s when the staged and phony discovery of the letters by the authors was in offering. At the time James Dubya Child arrived from Hancor Institute, with Amanda Harcourt from Yoko Ono, while Martha Harty Schienes, in what appears to have been a German cabinet from the Green Party, declared that her function at Alternative Conflict Resolution in Carnegie Mellon was a strategy of revenge fetish. Ming Wen reasoned that having successfully planted illegal homework on the brutalized queerbait why should they take a person they were referring to as an “it” hostage to responsibility for a war game they denied was underway. Harcourt advanced a persumption of sacrificial obligation to a violent Draft of a child soldier into service of Lennon’s killers in his name, of course and however.

Pittsburgh announced a cultural declaration of exclusion from normal social values of advised consent, right to know, damages, judicial review, school propriety, police investigation and anything else that would have acknowledged the humanity of the quah-thing. The list of violent enemies alone is very surreal, with named like Gary Pitman, a local inhalants using car thief being joined by Lewis Lapham of Harpers and Ringo Starr, without any semblance of the right to confront my accusers in a court of law. When I went to Mt. Desert Island on fact-finding field research it was used for police pornography in what they construed as consent to have been mauled as a child, their thrill being sex, which was also the target of their derision.

Although I was writing columns stating that it was hard to believe our society’s leaders weren’t doing more to preserve what we have, alleviate scarcity and distribute more equitably, the leaders of attempts to exaggerate inflated costs to their fanbase jeered that anyone can espouse liberal sophistries, but where was the savior masquerading as the Walrus willing to die as a pacification agent to the afflicted, nevermind proper and timely warning or Sir McCartney’s whining about over-population. Sean Strub went to the Dakota as an agent of Social Security’s stake in the business decision of population control. S.S. was considered a stage in the removal and a way to answer its bankruptcy by servicing the transition. The presumption of sacrificial obligation was read both their ways and mine.

By Administrative war gaming my status in Section 8 housing has been attended by a campaign as vicious as though to maintain it I have to work as though in contention for the Oval Office from which the attack on my civil rights, in a war game about human rights, originated. Steven John Lister offered a schizophrenic’s fallacy regarding the idea that a high stakes priority for Ultrahigh experimentation would be applied as escalation dominance over my credibility. He stated that the symptoms of mental abuse manipulation described in schizophrenia predates the development of technology capable of inflicted That Voice Again. Either way, it’s not my responsibility to do the bidding of the AIDS Combine.

Apparently, our society doesn’t know when to be mortified.


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