Deliverance of St. Injustice

Rather obviously as an insult directed at my deceased father, a lovely human being who went the road of educator, despite many Imperial forces offering him estate, after brutalizing me in a chopshop of horrific war on a child, the Bush/Clinton machine bequeathed me a colossus of cowardly fraud and demanded I own up to it, while lying about it through the teeth.

Everyone fell for it and no one should have. What they did to me and my loved one was for no good reason, has no moral standing and is simply unleash of the criminally insane. Their credibility rests on ruthless entrapment and negation of my grounds for seeking out what was going on.

I am so troubled by the inability to find humanity that I have grown faded and far away. I always knew that something was wrong with those Reagans, but the degree to which they made what was wrong with them into applied science still shocks me stupid and takes me by surprise. You mean, Peter Gabriel worked for him? Why are you crying little Jimmy? Jimmy, are you there?

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