The Morality of Nancy Reagan

History will discover that this is a serious article.

My mother testified that Peter Gabriel wrote to me for three years and used me on the rock album SO, the outcome of which was Gabriel financing an attack prostitute named Rosa in a bid to depict me as character flawed in a performance art demonstration he supposed would secure public acceptance of his fraud concerning an AIDS testing war game on Mt. Desert Island. He had sources at WQED-TV and The University of Pittsburgh working with his property cult attorney Amanda Harcourt, absolutely certain it was all an easy sale. The Chief Executive Office was behind him. As their target, I did not even know what was going on. This fact, they claimed, was my guilt.

Going from saying that Mt. Desert Island was as alibi’d by Peter Gabriel, a Scared Straight Program in a secret war operation intended to communicate affinity for AIDS victims everywhere to admitting it was a premeditated deception campaign by those who started AIDS but nobody cares amounts to the same thing: impunity in atrocity, abomination and moving on. Since the Zappas attempted to move into position by accusing the CIA of releasing AIDS, and also because Tony Levin, who worked with John Lennon, now Gabriel’s bass player, has attempted to campaign as a guru of those with special insight into the situation, you can be sure that Peter Gabriel will continue to lie about Mt. Desert Island in a face-saving gesture among the precious few who might care that he lied to advance those he professed to be resisting.

Professional storytellers were hired and lobbied through Hollywood and the celebrity superstate to contribute ongoing episodes in a political tirade of bloody massacre leading the slasher homicide of Shannon Harps outside the Clubhouse in Seattle as an absolute statement of horror, supposedly to communicate the sentiments of the afflicted. The murder was sacrificialism and authorized on the Federal level as an Administrative decision by the powers of Obama. The episodes between the authorship of the Burstyn script and sleight of hand whereby the authors procured them by home invasion in a house of cross-purposes has been kept quiet in media in favor of cultivating sympathetic awareness among those who subscribe to misrepresentation as a necessity of statecraft. By crafting a long series of ordeals the entertainment lobby loyal to the AIDS Combine has generated an endless stream of copy issues that they use to declare challenges to factual text, creating a situation of slave labors where the victory of those who committed atrocity is assured by the mockery visited upon a deaf man who was mutilated and controlled for the ends of narrative. Some of those episodes are known to my readers, how Pittsburgh brutality was visited upon me as a child in deranged acts of Manson style by a gang led by Raymond Mark Mancine; being framed for rape, tortured and having my best friend attacked and raped in a scoreboard execution by authors of defamation who made good on their malicious allegation, despite having no victim, ultimately attaining a grievous victory when Harborview Medical Center in Seattle, closing ranks to protect their line of smear in the venture, led by Administrative insanity, moved to have me chemically castrated in a struggle to achieve a finishing tragedy. Mutilation has been posted as a strategic satire by those who advanced this lobby with the album SO.

Validating the atrocity has taken on a life of its own. John Lucarelli moved into my home by marriage to my mother on the heels of the arrival of the Burstyn letters so his son David of 20th Century Fox could pinch the letters while working with Rusted Root and give them to Yoko Ono while defaming my name and reputation. The situation was improperly appraised because it served their purposes to lie about it and misrepresent what really had happened. Many loathsome particulars were devized while I remained in the dark and incapacitated by thugs distributed through local unions ladling out sex, drugs and jobs to assure fidelity in a grim, despicable, American doublecross. The venom from Washington, D.C. has never been uglier. It was possible in that climate to convince the Gay Community that a plan to recruit Reagan into an agreement not to quarantine them, test them and blame them was laudable, even though it meant giving insane loyalty and power of leadership to those who released AIDS in the first place. Reagan had wiggle room to deceive the victims and empower the assassins while positioning his allies for snakelike acts.

Among the functions of the play that the letters reveal in cold blood is that the murder of Martin Luther King was likewise Administrative. Neuroplastic was abominably used on a traumatized deaf hostage to give good conduct to the rejection operation of the criminal Rosa, acting for Yoko Ono. Disabling me was a high priority mission and by psychiatrizing my casebook they have been able to choose the language, calling themselves mean, in self-representation as ogres, calling the shots.


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