Playing Chicken with Illusion

That the AIDS Epidemic was a planned military operation is a study of specialized deceit that can only barely be discussed openly because of precautions taken by Berkeley University. Ramparts Magazine was notorious for its hallucinogenic tableaux and anti-war rhetoric yet its staff became the most noxious ultra-conservative led by David Horowitz and Noam Chomsky who continues to publish in Z Magazine which originates in the same town as Gail Burstyn where John Kennedy, Jr.’s plane came down.

When Peter Leo’s friends at the Post-Gazette grafitti’d my father’s obituary with Germany, injection, the Green Party and Don’t Know Who (Donohue) seeing fit to print the views of his enemies on the back as they led up to putting him on public trial as a Red Witch, they troubled to hide, sort of, that they’d poisoned him. They haven’t paid me the same courtesy, nor would they if they finished what they started.

The reason Seattle’s Psychiatric Administration executed Shannon Harps as a human blood ritual sacrifice is part of the same process whereby Yoko Ono and Michelle Obama brought Rosa and Alia to our school in the lead-up to the rape of deaf Jeannie. It happened but they say it didn’t like much that is going on. Politics are lawless now. The mentally ill involved are very cunning, and Yoko Ono has shown no remorse in their manipulation. The goal of Obama and Geffen is to make it too hard to discuss or keep track of, and to underwrite the view that if you try to help minorities they will only turn on you. Paul McCartney sapped the will of our arts community to resist by heisting the Lucarelli/Burstyn letters supporting Leslie Katz and by writing the alibi for Zell on Mt. Desert Island. With that backstab, AIDS was a completed crime. It was all over but the shouting. They manufactured an excuse to cover being brazen.

Ono operates through loyalists in online media who invade my home by simple garage electronics wire media manipulation. It doesn’t take the NSA. By dropping little asides in chat with other public people the Ono-Zappa division of Hitler-Reagan’s holocaust management team attempt to create a profile of me to underwrite their execution of Hitler’s designs which the Beatles uploaded into our campus life. To make it appear they’ve considered everything they’ve invested in the infinitely petty. What about my issue? They yammer caustically one by one. What about my fetish, speculation, accusation, personal grudge, they hiss at someone they purposefully disabled and now deride as an invalid. Fairness isn’t an attribute of the Royalists who have a long history of closet support for Hitler. Ono is just the spider woman who latched onto Lennon for the kill. Naturally, it’s a death sentence for reporting her hitjob.

The Romans of AIDS, like Lucarelli, make no secret of what they did. The politics of Bowie, DiCaesare and Warhol are padded with groaning denizens who have cut their deal. When Warhol set me up with Swimmer through Tunney and Tuttle as a child they extruded me to Thoraya Halhoul and Jason Wahl, Police Administration who had a party molesting me as a hostage child hired Lisa Miles for Jason Riback and E. Snyder to accuse me of local treason, splattering the abortion for Rosa Villa at Warhol all over the school in the lead up to raping deaf Jeannie. These are the politics of Nancy Reagan and Elizabeth Taylor in the script I am the Walrus.

The Zappa-Ono klan have a publisher house bounty on me going through online social media, another major factor in Obama’s ripper murder of Shannon Harps. Ono has built her wily name in Pittsburgh on the claim that Zell threatened me with AIDS to punish me for what they claim was legitimate to read as a threat to rape Leslie (false) and that I am the guilty party in the murder of Lennon, which I knew nothing about, because I knew nothing about it, which they cannot go in to because it didn’t happen, Reagan didn’t know, and Martin Sheens says no. Slashering Shannon Harps was grassroots therapy, myuh, African storytelling of a highball sort, poker alchemy beyond the grasp of those with no knowledge of Ono’s sacred wisdom towards the afflicted. It found the Black Panthers allied to the Ku Klux Klan over the Vegas aspect of the spoils farce.

Fripp worked with Wattenmaker triggering an impacted neuroplasm that rightly understood exonerated me. Wattenmaker blamed Lennon for what happened to Jimmy. Ono blamed Jimmy. That made them partners. The child mutilationists of NEVA Corporation depicted me as Dune’s Piter crawling over Lady Jessica in lust in my attempts to dignify myself as a deaf man in the presence of Midori Goto, a shiska of the Ted Nugent variety, and this empowered Ming Na Wen’s sleight of hand at Kelly School. Dia Galas, whose namesake called me to announce the murder of Lennon, Warhol and Moonunit Zappa have called the X-termination fine art and leveraged online social media to confine me in mental arrest by false implication. Women can tell I’ve been neutered which allows Ono to lock me down into slave labors all the more, high octane service to the martyr. In setting me up with Rosa who was here to cover for the AIDS Onslaught, Ono made lewd demonstration of her alliance with Greg Karl who prior scripted the murder of Lennon.

The Beatles were always criminals on high making sure of preferential treatment for celebrities no matter what their crimes. Making me an abuse object is the only answer Frippqueers have to their holocaustal cooperation with Gail Burstyn. They hold that by keeping the history of Bush and Reagan blurry, an alliance of the CIA with Hitler’s Hollywood, myth will dominate. JFK Researchers distanced themselves from acknowledging the war plan for fear of having the Kennedy name ravaged in blowback for the way they depicted me, with the help of Jim Marrs and Cyril Wecht, as lord of the fly files, not that e-porno is all that satanistic but who cares? It serves.

The rhetorical deceit sort of flip-flops like a fish dropped on the pavement. We are not untouchables, they howl while spitting in the soup. Being deaf is already being helpless. Watching you vote this obscenity lawful in the next election won’t be anything new. Accusing me is the only answer the assassins and Frippqueers have to their own guilt. 40 years was taken from me by hostile police agency and the answer is to say it didn’t happen. Taking sexual happiness from me is construed as one of McCartney’s intimate, petty victories.

Curtis Hunter, with whom I lived when dating Leslie Katz, was a neighbor of Braunstein, both friends of Don Ostro. His girlfriend Sherry Mavitch told me that Pitt biology considered releasing a flu to make money selling medicine.

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