anti-Gabriel dumbzine jimi

In The State of Pennsylvania, government-sponsored murder to my knowledge invariably starts with a sex overture.  Once the victim is bitten by the spider of shame, the venom of assassination is skillfully administered, and this sex-and-death wheel of fortune, authored from the highest Executive offices, provided what seemed to one lingering shadow of trauma a clue into the origins of mass death issuing from the Medieval void in the Palace of scepters.   Howard Dobrushin, is a deaf services psychologist who did what no psychiatrist would, acknowledged the strange neuroplasm in my face and told me I was having seizures, ruefully commenting on the suckerplay that PITT set up caustically inflicted unspeakable invisible injury, while making off with my fiance, causing me stress they hoped would trigger bad character as I fell on the sidewalk vomiting in agony from the convulsive nerve agent they had violently impacted, to the cheers of the NAACP, raping deaf Jeannie.  Dobrushin asked me, “but why did you go to Mt. Desert Island in the first place?”  He didn’t believe me when I answered, “To follow the leer.”

Was I wrong?  Was I wrong in inferring from the terrible cruelty that I have been subjected to since gradeschool by murderous Federal Gestapo and Police Adminstration with the help of psychotic street criminals and rich white punks on dope that the stigma being directed at me was part of an orchestrated political action?  When I got back Greg Karl was so bold as to hand deliver such writings as, “The persona is subjected to successive degradations of the X-motive and then subsumed into a larger structure dominated by its adversary.”  PITT employs the Neurobehavioral Research Wattenmaker in Karl’s gang The Guttersnipes who is named in the Lennon murder papers I tried to report to them upon discovery.

The thing about X-termination is that someone has to be the object of contempt.

The British have evidently been doing this a long time.  King Crimson saw nothing erroneous or morally wrong in violently attacking two deaf people while klukkering that a long pre-meditated AIDS testing war game was just a Scared Straight Program cuz the Queerbait was just after sex.

Reagan made his career on the claim there is no such thing as a free lunch, while abolishing school lunch programs his ghouls and dacoits fell upon little Jimmy with the courage of armed blindside assassins for which HitlerReagan is well known on the streets of El Salvador, while NEVA Corporation had the F.B.I. laughing themselves sick with a plan to give Nancy Reagan’s favorite Midori Goto to the huns who ripped little Jimmy’s head off as an exampling in the idea that freedom of love and sexual liberation could allow escape from paying the pimp who started AIDS.

What Bowie did stands no chance of being admired by history.  They are going to sex shame a victim of child mutilation into scapegoat status in Hitler’s revenge.  Boy, those foreign English are something.

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