Born Beautiful and Molested in the USA

Let those who sit in judgment be advised of the charges against them. It is unreasonable not to pinpoint in this mess that Ringo Starr increasingly appears to be the mastermind behind the AIDS Onslaught; at best he has been the source of belligerence in their defense and decades long acts of truly nightmarish, weird violence. In his soothsay by metalhead he has reckoned that we would be slow to adjust our realization that his concept from Victor Frankl of medicine man therapy, shamanism in the name of AIDS victims, was pre-planned by those who staged discovery of their own scroll. When those who are lying to us have been found out to have lied to us on behalf of those who lied to us they become as guilty as their partnership ordains, accordingly it ceases to matter whether Reagan authored the scroll or simply adopted it, the act was criminally insane.

Lennon’s irrational taste, his poetic razmataz gave rise to a faith-like idea that his proximates can do no wrong, and from that vantage point they have unleashed hell on earth. It’s too bad no one saw this coming except those with the power and intent to pull it off. Paul McCartney’s plan was thorough and goodnight, the last backstab of the great loutish sell-outs of the 70’s, who abandoned the Sixties with no remorse, a culture to whom I was an abortion and used for one by their enemies, McCartney just wanted to use Rosa to slam the door on this era, walking out me like the end of a bad movie, and strut forth to the post-Reagan age envisioned by Gail Burstyn, putting together media into a skillful deterrent against addressing the truth about AIDS.

On Mt. Desert Island, the fiends of Pitt and London successfully exploited Rape Phobia to orchestrate a lynch mob as poetry tribune. Oh, the Black ladies moaned and clutched their throats, panting against the sad dysfunction of the male libido. It was judged Holy War by Oprah Winfrey, a Holy War over a sacred penny held in trust to the Ayn Rand Club put together by Frippqueers to ordain from the myriad of contradictions in Lennon, more numerous than Koran, a sacred vision of correctness. It was abuse of power.

I realize this is a little much, but as facts before history when it became clear I was being framed as the man who framed Reagan I began to stir in the direction that it must have been him, because this was the starring role he demanded of me and would not let me shake. It served his purposes better to have me blamed that to warn. His handmaidens in Foreign Englad jeer that the crime was fulfilled successfully as a pie in the face of a detective, oh, you’re investigating us! They laughed. For the surviving hippies of lucre the wailing of children of war brings but a checkered smile of knowingness. Armed with the script, they beckoned to the snicker of the authors, full-knowing that innocent people were being railroaded, so they could prance about on high. The Republicans knew all about the pussyball war game, it is why they put up a man named Mitt. Royalist Fundamentalists thought nothing of attacking a child, they named abortion their moralism so it panned out in their minds, and I was a utility function in the presentation. Wesley Posvar’s favorites had weekend parties to show off their piranhaa fishtanks, the funky biters would put the lie to liberal goldfish as the frat boys howled their demented faith. The 80’s played hardball.

Sometimes you have to put aside general audience issues and focus on specific incidents and I would like to do that now. If these words are for you, do not be ashamed. Did you ever blindside yourself in karmatic retribution by spiritually callling down upon yourself brutal attacks by unprovoked, armed klansmen by trying to go to school while targeted for not yet cudda saved John Lennon? If so, then maybe you, too, were born beautiful and mutilated in the USA. You will need this document more than the Beatles were as popular as Weezo.

It is called: Seattle’s Policy for Public Interest Adult/Child Mutilation Mutuality: An Annuity Settlement Political Theater Campaign based on self-inflicted abortion therapy by Federal contract prostitution home invasion with slasher ripper outcome and incarceration of a witness who dared scream.

Get help.

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