Sgt. Ripper’s Poison Hearts Club Band

sgtripper sgtrippers

Every aspect of this case is a deranged and morbid mockery of the principles on which our country is founded, and those who authored it made no secret of this fact, arguing that they more closely represent the secret hearts of American sentiment.  To castrate dissent is treason.  It abolishes every article of respect for Freedom of the Press.  It demonstrates very clear proof that the Patriot Act is a mission statement to protect the enemy within.

Since the deaths of JFK, King and RFK, whose loss we were tithed for acceptance with the coy brattiness of Obama, there has been a loss in our society’s speechs and rhetoric of wisdom, the call to idealism, reminders of virtue.  In the days of the Peace Corps missions and JFK there was hope, it was solid, it was an identity within the United States that you could not shake.  These murders vanquished the tone and content of our nation’s self-representation and none of the people in office even seem to know what is missing.  Hearing the speeches of Kennedy and Eleanor Roosevelt, the eyebrow darkens with the newfound mindset of suspicion inherited from HitlerReagan.  One’s mind is shadowed involuntarily, what are these words?  Are they not the hypocrisy of the detested Liberal?  The brainwash has been nearly total, yet still Eleanor and JFK can act like a fingersnap and awake the brainwashed American out of our trance.  Is this real, we ask ashamed?  Did our country actually once stand for such things?  Espouse things so noble so casually?

I’m planning to document what I witnessed to the best of my remaining power, interview witnesses and if possible track down the very few people who may still have one of the postcards from the Foreign English.  I am planning to testify and if possible bring them to justice.  I am not planning to take the law into my own hands.  Unlike these murderers, Fripp and Gabriel, I do not operate a secret war machine, I do not gladly endure assassins, torturers and rapists.  I do not slander or facelie.  I plan to set a better public example, and advise my friends.  Is there something I have overlooked?  I plan to lobby law journals, politicians, political action groups and politicians.  I plan to take this matter to newspapers, blogs and private individuals from Parent-Teacher Associations to the Library of Congress.  These cold-blooded, heartless, evil individuals are not heroes.  They have made their legacy by their crimes, not by their music.

These murderers have stalked and tortured me, incited by Hitlerettes named Midori Goto and Amanda Harcourt, hardboiling their eccentric ripper madness with the leer that they have the right to seek the Death Penalty towards a deaf child brutally attacked blindside who their favorites framed for the murder of Lennon after killing him.  Cudda saved him is a punishable offense, but not pre-planning his murder.  Poor little Jimmy quee’bait.

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