What It’s Like to Be Me

When I was a kid about nine years old some Italian-American was in a fight with a Black kid.  They were dressed differently.  The Italian-American public school student wore dirty jeans and an everyday man’s tee-shirt.  The Black kid was dressed for school.  He was dressed fancy enough to have added a tie.  He wore […]

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AIDS: Collaboration is Innocence

New evidence was found in John Lennon’s murder during an investigation into the origin of AIDS that also explained the atrocity and the murder of Martin Luther King. The crime was ingenious in scripting a panorama of notions from the Ivy League dimension of higher learning as a statement by Pittsburgh rejecting the Chair of […]

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Paula Jones for President

The British, said Martha Gellhorn, were unconcerned and unaffected by AIDS, but the dollar signs stoked them into a frenzy. Lennon’s death was designed by Mellon Bank as a gold rush on information property. The result was an elite consensus. Robert Fripp made an investment in futures out of protective fictions he authored to protect […]

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Is Fear of Conspiracy Theory Creating Censors?

The following article was written by Eugene Lyons for the Indiana Gazette under the headline:  Mass Delusions for Republicans:  https://www.indianagazette.com/news/opinions/commentary-mass-delusions-for-republicans,21999527/ I am including my retort: Dear Mr. Lyons, Thank you for taking the time to read a letter from the public.  I don’t know what your reading habits are like, or if you will try […]

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