The L-Word is Liberty

Obama knows from Goebbelian doublespeak that if you declare a virulent lie over and over again with venom and hatred from a position of power the people will come to defer to it and believe there is something to it.  Thus the Geffen machine has been allowed to connive the perception that I threatened Leslie Katz and framed Ronald Reagan as their medium for enforcing the AIDS Hollywood script plan, in secret, as a Taliban, without public plebiscite.  This then became the medium for defending child mutilationists, police pornography and slasher homicide as cultural therapy.

In their sniveling, working with 20th Century Fox, Geffen has declared that neurohypnosis, causing involuntary plagiarism from a child vivisection golem in convulsive arrest, involuntary plagiarism caused by terror at the point of a gun, for the purpose of Hollywood narrative in spin control justifies confiscation of notebooks as property in a heist by the true assassins who authored comprehensive false witness in a sickening, lifelong identity crime, and that reporting the facts about Reagan’s role are justification, treason, breaking a promise to a man who threatened to kill me, tortured me and had my deaf girlfriend raped, etc.

Very curious to observe from the script, then, that THE WALRUS actually originates with a Japanese NEVA corporation syndicate with ties to Warhol and child molesters in the City of Pittsburgh enjoying their empowerment as brutal pedophiles encouraged in sickening blackmail.

You would have had to know Marie and Ward to understand how horrible this activity from the Ono crone really is, and how vicious the direction of their campaign to blame and innocent person.

I knew it was dangerous to penetrate into the AIDS war game.  Obviously, undercover investigations are vulnerable.

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