I Deeply Apologize for My Non-Threat

I put up a front to protect myself from assassins who had brutally tortured me, because they are stalking me and very dangerous. Police and Peter Gabriel, to cover for torture, murder and rape, had spread the rumor that I threatened someone. When this was shown to be a lie, they slashered an innocent woman in a psychological operation forcing me to threaten someone so they would be able to have proof. They said if I did not threaten someone they would kill another hostage.

In response, in Seattle in front of witnesses who were impressed deeply by the fact that I neither hurt anyone or directed my threats at anyone real, I held a press conference at which I vocalized a threat in words directed at no one with no intention to act on that threat or in any way harm anyone. It was not a real threat. It was an attempt to mollify the slasher murderers who had murdered an innocent woman demanding that I make a statement of threat or they would murder the children in our family. Promptly after this press conference, in a state of absolute GLEE, the military arrived and arrested me for months of detainment over a Christmas Holiday, making in their reports such juvenile and diseased statements as, “he BELIEVES he was tortured as a child,” whatever that is supposed to mean. Having fulfilled their Forensic Assertive quest of over twenty years including the rape of my only friend, by violently extruding a threat, (I went into convulsive arrest, during which time I sarcastically mocked them, but did not make threats) and during which time I was chemically castrated by them, they finally let me come home to Pittsburgh.

The reason the Federal Bureau of Investigation HAD TO HAVE A THREAT in institutional record is because they used me as an AIDS testing guinea pig on Mt. Desert Island in 1988 and lied saying it was because I had threatened someone. On the basis of this cowardly fraud, Robert Fripp organized the British rock industry around those who released AIDS and killed John Lennon.

The result is that some people have had the impression, despite my terrible and weird injuries, that I was never tortured or had actually threatened someone, which I did not. Police, Obama, Reagan, Clinton and Gabriel are operating a HOLLYWOOD ONLINE system of interlopers to abuse, interrogate, sabotage, trick, invade and rob me of my words and years in a cruel, vicious, horrible ending to a prolonged and ruthless homicide by child molesters. Police Administration are pinning their hopes on an orgy by the polluters, a horrible appearance by lord of the flies The Rolling Stones in Pittsburgh in an effort to shape final lies for copy domain. Pittsburgh is in Federally incited hysteria, sympathy for the child molesters is being wrapped in Jesus by Santorum and police slanderers are cyberstalking my testimony with typographical interference denying what everyone knows to be true: Outrageous mutilation and vivisection piecemeal sadism directed at a law-abiding, non-violent, harmless, defenseless human being who did nothing wrong. The claim that the mental breakdown they caused has resulted in misconstruction is a cover operation for a comprehensive identity crime of false witness and unspeakable deceit by the Geffen Media Corporation.


I was sent the following link as information and/or misinformation in response to my post.

DAVID GEFFEN and his Corporation states in your link that should anyone attempt to report what they characterize as damaging lies will be sued in a civil action.  Accordingly, it is possible that this case is a straw man issue.  By paralleling me with a suspicious person who claims Geffen attacked him, you set up a persona about me, which can be evoked in comparison because of how Geffen manufactured a sexually brutal attack on me and deaf Jeannie.

Geffen has used media hypnography to claim that the trajectory of my editorials critical and satirical about Reagan was a “Manchurian programming subconsciously framing Reagan,” as a tool to justify the “civil suit” of brutally punishing me for a date rape frame that they constructed alledgedly in retaliation for my framing Reagan, yet the Pitt News record bears out that I wrote an article:  Skinhead Divine Comedyattempting to exonerate Reagan BEFORE they tortured me again and raped Jeannie.

New evidence then emerged that this sinister war against Press Freedoms was a heap of chicanery planned to confuse everyone and allow Geffen and Reagan to orchestrate the AIDS Onslaught.

Barry came up from the Federal Building UNPROVOKED and SMASHED ME IN THE FACE with a basketball in front of many witnesses at Sound Mental Health.  Despite this, I simply picked up my glasses.  The abstract threat issued to gain a moratorium from the Geffen agents circling me who threatened to murder Shannon Harps, as explained for the reasons above was not in fact directed at Barry or anyone else.  It was not even verbal, it was written down as a communication to a close friend in the hopes that he would help me with my Press Conference.

He did so and very nobly.  I was able to thank him with great emotion.

Obama goes by the nick, “Barry” in Iowa.

This syndicate attacked me furiously for reporting that men in 1974, at a time when the Department of the Navy through Soldiers and Sailors Museum stated to me directly, “very few people were aware that Ronnie and Caspar Weinberger were working together in a bid for future power,” named Ronnie and Caspar brutally, brutally tortured me as a gradeschool child in Highland Park.

Geffen magnate Peter Gabriel then justified the AIDS criminality of Zell’s war game on Mt. Desert Island as an “Experience Park” having been told again and again that Zell was speaking of their plan to do this before AIDS started, and Gabriel was doing this in defense of Sean Strub, now known to have gone to the Dakota to watch Lennon be shot and his script penhand Gail Burstyn, who Vichy General Paul McCartney and HitlerReagan REFUSED to arrest, preferring the rape of deaf Jeannie as Boowian satisfy.

Where is this confusing please?

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