Weird Day Audit

My beautiful picture
My beautiful picture

I went to school today and wanted to sell back the Astronomy book to buy a ticket to Ichiro but no one at the bookstore will buy it until August. Then my Astronomy and Business Math books disappeared. I bought Bus. Math again on my account of Financial Aid, but sold it back when I realized maybe I could go to the game if they gave me cash and just buy it again tomorrow (I told the Dean’s secretary first and that maybe I shouldn’t cause it would seem fishy and planned), but when the Astronomy book was found and returned to me I thought maybe I had just left Bus. Math at home.

The case of the missing math book wasn’t resolved when I got home. There was no math book here. More to the mystery the school sent me a letter saying that Straight A’s disqualified me for Financial Aid because it means that I had failed. Hard to comprehend, but I guess it’s just a mistake. I’ll ask about it tomorrow when I go over to school to buy the book with my Financial Aid.

I went back to the store when the boss said she’d look into it but she wouldn’t buy the Astronomy book now either. Nobody believes I wasn’t scamming but it really didn’t happen that way. It also turned out I learned at the clubhouse where I went to lick my wounds that it had been an early game (something the Home Office didn’t tell me when I asked them for a complimentary ticket. They said no.) I had already missed the game.

I was praying I left the book at home, but now I think it really was swiped. I hate to contribute to a mistrustful atmosphere. Maybe someone witnessed it and will snitch, but I won’t turn in the witnesses I think maybe saw what I happened. I left my stuff sit when I got tutoring and they were out of sight for a while.

The Librarian said that Charlie Hebdo of the French newspaper was killed over satire. Sarcasm is an inalienable right but it’s not a moral exemplar. In making a stupid film about killing North Korea’s leader Hollywood wasn’t doing anything proper. They should have made an Infotainment film showing the true situation and humanizing the people at risk.

I told this to a bookstore worker as I waited and also bought a copy of the Code of Ethics for Social Workers.

Thing is, the people who tortured me over the carrot tape ruse (planned and extruded by natural language puppeteers) were from Hollywood and more serious criminals than North Korea’s Mao. If you don’t hate Peter Gabriel for raping deaf Jeannie you must be some Bobby Jindhal happy Black Panther with syph.

My dad sure abandoned me bad, so I didn’t get to see the little Jap castrater.

I some cases mental illness could be resultant from dishonesty but that doesn’t mean the mentally ill are dishonest. The Clintons are people who were going to kill me if anyone believed me, but they let me survive in humiliation because nobody would.

I wanted The Pirates to win, but I also wanted Ichiro to get a hit, …. child-raping pigs

(some of the typos in this script may have been tampering. I’m’a leave’m sit.)

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