Michael Reagan has his mommy.

Yesterday, I had the unpleasant experience of having a webrat from youtube pop its weasel nose out of its hole, accuse me of using crack, then of making assumptions and finally by attacking an essay written for seasoned readers who already knew about the Great Backstab and evidence AIDS is manmade proceeded to violate me in a debate, empowered by the deal Obama cut for popular power denying all of the above as Black-o-beneficiary of what George Bush declared to be the death of history.  Such a defeat always runs its course long before anyone notices what I have to say about it.  For most people the discourtesy paid a deaf journalist by this upstart solves their own problem of what to say by shouting me down.

Defeat of the truth by violent popular committee is always a touchstone point of departure for dissent and I don’t propose to be inventive, since the issue at large does not demand of our society fine art which has proven itself an undependable friend at best, and more often a cold-blooded enemy.  I’m a product of Pittsburgh Public Schools with midwest parents, not a buck-toothed fan of acid rock.  Any confusion I sustained on that score as the younger of the Flower Power Movement has long been discarded with prejudice.  I do not, in other words, expect King Crimson to read my essays nor to care what they say.  State of Washington Board of Health Investigation #2007-04-0078RN King County Superior Court  Action No. 7-2-13871-4-SEA is the abiding disgrace that testifies to Fripp’s Secret Service hegemony an toady casuistry in service to Sir Colin Powell Powell of My Lai fame.

Ultimately, however, the public has a right to demand from their folkheros an explanation for their defeat, espeically when a nerve-deafened poet is humiliated by Midori Goto in attacks like Ted Nugent in a chainsaw spree.  If I wasn’t absolutely sure I could explain to you what you must know to see through Hillary Clinton I would allow my tragedy to pass in silence.  Ayn Rand once said that if she had to write for the present she would break her pen.  I disagree.  There is a mandate for encounter with the public’s obligation to understand our current situation.  I hate taking up so much of your time, but the point of today’s work is much too important for you to neglect and then claim good conscience.

What I propose to explain in full is how a simple trick of attitude originating at The National Review was adopted for laughs by British super-rich ultraclass fascist entertainers with the poison outcome of endorsing the AIDS Onslaught which in turn will shed more much needed light on the travesty of existing evidence for torture and mass murder in the City of Pittsburgh.  Shedding light on the true character of Barack Obama in other words is tantamount to revealing the heresy of his support for Hitler’s revenge.  Without such analysis his sickening juvenility will likely hold sway.  To their credit a number of readers have told me concerning my lapses:  if all this is true, we want to be convinced, so please do a better job.  My efforts are a first step in the direction of making The Beatles very sorry they did this to someone, and to our history, if nothing else by eviscerating the legacy of our nation’s courage.

What Buckley did at the National Review was the simple trick of saying they should sell marijuana on the shelves of hardware stores with rat poison.  The idea was to give people what they want if it kills them, and that vice is its own punishment.  Having dreamed up tattooing AIDS victims as part of Wesley Posvar’s FEMA program, he found lewd bedfellows eager to cal his terrible crime a lampoon.  They laughed as they led me to the sickled vagina of needle tracks on Mt. Desert Island, sure of their pedophile blackmail courtesy plowshares Andrea and a starlet named DD who had grown obese.

Robert Fripp can count on the sort of victories enjoyed at rigged poker tables by the likes of Miles Kirshner and Ringo Starr, but it’s important to remember that he didn’t court either me or his markets as a finagler scamming Federal Courts by the mirror of their own accomplice.  While it is perfectly true he can shriek that Reagan will judge harshly their objectivity such airplay by Goebbels isn’t ethical philosophy.

The murdering pig who tortured me and raped my deaf girlfriend ran a scam claiming I was a delinquent, averting his eyes from and seeking to destroy the evidence of hostage.  He sought to wield an iron hand towards a victim of child mutilation who tried to calm down the ravenous assailants by playing along.  Gov. Tom Corbett came up with Cindy Rudy in a hatchet job for the assassins and Reagan, laughing maliciously as they explained away the hollow eyes of a child subjected to an Auschwitz simulation experiment.  My grades were called truant rather than a symptom of deafness by a school who failed to call home after I disappeared for months after crying in the office that a gang was going to kill me.  While obviously barking mad, it has gone on forty years as they cruelly destroyed an already destroyed life by being wrong doing something the whole thing of which was wrong for the final disgrace of washing their hands of it.

The prominent people invoked by the pusillanimous Bar Association in their slippery cause of neglecting this insane criminality by PITT perversely trivialize the entire issue by their own presence and domain.  By what right, my tormenters bellow, does the queerbait speak the mighty names of our constellation?  How dare he question the Moon, Saturn, Jupiter, Nefertiti or Ringo Starr, as though such monoliths do not pale before the bacteria of Salk Labs or the gory sarcophagus of Fukushima.

Little Jimmy was deafened as a symbol of the AIDS rampage as a ward against the power of music falling into the hands of liberal humanism and Penoir Gabriel laughs because he found a political way to evoke abortion as a medium for exception, using Amnesty International itself in virulent campaign of rape, ripper murder and torture.

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