Hearts Up For Grabs


In a baseball game, it doesn’t matter if you play well, and the game was exciting, if you lose, you’re skunked and that’s the end of it in history. Not always so in times of war. Anne Frank’s life has remained to inspire people despite her death. Every fugitive who arrived safely over the tracks of the Underground Railroad weakened the victory of the South during the age of slavery. I’m familiar with the tactics of the Reagan-Clinton media. They seek to derail the impact of a heavy investigation by mean curve balls aimed at small weaknesses in presentation. The scope of the research presently restricts publication and perfection, but the case is clear. AIDS was authored with pre-deliberation by a Federal network who cast their net over media through Hollywood and entertainment, writing a secret story by which to overthrow our public’s right to know in the mission of Al Gore’s police state and the lie of duty, a sordid doublecross.

Peter Gabriel’s glowering, stabbing, snickering, leering, facelying countenance of course has shadowed the atrocity by the dark tactic of mythologizing for the Ultra-right in the name of loot and power for the survivors of the war game. Like Monty Hall on Let’s Make a Deal, Hillary Clinton clambers to the soapbox to shout with rotten happiness about America’s embrace of a Black Mr. President. Loyalty goes to the survivors. In the most shiftless act of political assassination in human history, Bush attacked blindside the child of his enemy from the Navy days and then used the resultant husk of neuroplastic amnesia as a dummy by the humiliation of cross-purposes by attack prostitutes in the dens of Jewish spite. Pittsburgh labor, inclined to shrug with approval the mission of extermination, normalized, all friendly, in preparation for the backstab, like an English, hissing Queen Elizabeth’s mercy for not using a ball gag.

Many of the central points of American History are ignored and never taught. We do not hear of the fact that Adolf Hitler started the War in Vietnam, that the French to whom Joe McCarthy provoked Eisenhower to give his pledge at Dien Bien Phu were allies of Japan from the Vichy Government. We do not learn that Malcolm X, like John Lennon and Jimmy Creary, died in the hands of a Japanese woman named Yuri Koshiyama and that the Japanese pornography giant NEVA Corporation is known and scripted to have murdered John Lennon in a symbolic revenge attack to solicit Apology from a symbol of the U.S. Navy to Yoko Ono as secret war ambassador to Hitler’s revenge.

In light of this, central questions about Reagan’s joke about bombing the Soviet Union two years before Chernobyl and the ecocidal condition of Fukushima after Ultraquake are certainly not going to enter public debate by virtue of rational concern.

A drone who cheers the victory of the Bush-Clinton South, the New Confederacy with their Black token from the maniputions of the Crown, stomp over our memory of history, trampling the names of Kennedy and King, promoting a shrill Discipline of synthesizers to march over the symphonies of our hearts, offering only the baggage of their lies with which they sucked upon on our tears, vowing their victory over electric ladyland, leaving the spit of their slander as the triumphant signature of their authorship in the AIDS Onslaught. Lennon’s supremacy outlived him.

To our shame we follow like the women of Denmark saluting the fascists with hankerchiefs to their faces and tear-wracked souls.

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