King is Dead! Long Live Obama!

If you haven’t taken the time to de-cipher the script found in the murders of King and Lennon in the home of a white deaf child who was brutally tortured and molested when they arrived you should take the time today: They provide information about the motive behind years of criminal and psychopathic lying by the University of Pittsburgh about some they have used in terroristic vivisection experimentation.

The military pen name: Gay ill burst in was a strategic prediction about the home invasion gang bang over intellectual property that was scheduled to follow on the heels of child mutilation.

As for the idea that Blacks would gladly participate in AIDS, (one such man, Duvall, at CCAC, stated openly, “I know George Bush started AIDS and I support him for it,”) in return for a Black Mr. President, it wasn’t even an issue. Of course they would and gladly so. Rev. Jesse Jackson thoroughly disgraced himself keeping mum. The Pittsburgh NAACP were thoroughly contemptuous of me as a deaf employee, humiliated me horribly in the follow-up attacks meant to cover for Mt. Desert Island. Not only did they participate in targetting and then attacking a pre-existing head injury impacted by armed klansman on a defenseless child in support of a white Nazi named Zell, they made no attempt to reform the lies they told about me concerning childhood, the incident at Kelly School, or the men who set up the pussyball game with Alpana, a part of the plan that Carnegie Mellon succeeded in having destroyed, but which was documented in the letters of Gail Burstyn as an act of pre-meditation.

The script of Gail Burstyn was carefully plotted out with assigned symbolic roles going to Gay intrepids working on the abomination as part of an inside cult, one of whom, Sean Strub, went to the Dakota with Mark David Chapman, yet received the support and intellectual ammunition of Paul McCartney, Peter Gabriel and Lewis Lapham. HitlerReagan knew his mob scene, and Yoko Ono was hot after the prey of her dreams, Little Boy of the San Jacinto, labeled a traitor by Kennedy assassins.

This ugly story is real. It was found in the City of Pittsburgh. The City of Seattle executed rape and torture openly from Carnegie Mellon in an advertised orchestration of the themes of the case as willing partners of Lennon’s assassins in a twisted and macabre identity crime through construction of persona, just as Greg Karl, whose neurobehavioral research partner is named in the Burstyn letters, stated in his contribution to the project: Structuralist Approach to Musical Analysis.

Obama not only worked in close personal tandem with Martin Luther King’s killers, he is their Johnny Cochran and STASI styled enforcer. What horrible cowards, and we have them to thank for drone war “accidents”.


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