The L-Word is Liberty

Obama knows from Goebbelian doublespeak that if you declare a virulent lie over and over again with venom and hatred from a position of power the people will come to defer to it and believe there is something to it.  Thus the Geffen machine has been allowed to connive the perception that I threatened Leslie […]

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Weird Day Audit

I went to school today and wanted to sell back the Astronomy book to buy a ticket to Ichiro but no one at the bookstore will buy it until August. Then my Astronomy and Business Math books disappeared. I bought Bus. Math again on my account of Financial Aid, but sold it back when I […]

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An Open Letter to Susar Fedov

Dear Susar Fedov, Having a rational audience keeps me well enough to address by pen my meaning to anyone willing to read. I understand your fury at those who will not even bear witness, who refuse to stake their lives on such a minimal non-violent expectation as that of truth, who allow the city of […]

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The CIA is a Real Estate Agency

Had Stokely Carmichael, Bob Moses, John Lewis or any of the other Civil Rights Movement workers been found holding an ashtray of marijuana roaches it would have been a long, miserable prison term in an infamous penitentiary like Parchman’s. All over the South in the days of Easy Rider it was a commonplace, cheap cop […]

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Memoirs of a 911 Hillbilly

I realize that supposedly I’m just Jimmy Creary, but who can accept being chemically castrated over their beliefs?  The City of Seattle bears the brand of responsibility for luring me there after torture and the rape of my loved one, professing to be offering sanctuary and advocacy when in reality they lay in wait with […]

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Michael Reagan has his mommy.

Yesterday, I had the unpleasant experience of having a webrat from youtube pop its weasel nose out of its hole, accuse me of using crack, then of making assumptions and finally by attacking an essay written for seasoned readers who already knew about the Great Backstab and evidence AIDS is manmade proceeded to violate me […]

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Hearts Up For Grabs

In a baseball game, it doesn’t matter if you play well, and the game was exciting, if you lose, you’re skunked and that’s the end of it in history. Not always so in times of war. Anne Frank’s life has remained to inspire people despite her death. Every fugitive who arrived safely over the tracks […]

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