Another Reptile for President

I am a former Medical Library Clerk who resigned my position in 1985 to pursue an AIDS testing operation that appeared to predate appearance of the virus.  I followed them to Mt. Desert Island and Jackson Immunogenetic Laboratory where I learned they had corresponded with Mark David Chapman before he shot John Lennon.  Mysteriously, members […]

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MK-Ultra for the Dregs

Tears are good in the sense that it means you can still be disappointed and still have belief in your fellow man.  Those who hate tears enough to pursue them by viciousness are the sort of Pittsburghers, some of them still in power, like Peter Leo, who think nothing of torturing children, crushing them until […]

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De-Humanizing the School

As everyone who has looked at me very closely is aware, I live with a debilitating and severe neurotraumatic head wound.  This injury is very painful and gives me no rest.  During this Spring Semester I interrupted my studies long enough to file a complaint in the Courthouse downtown regarding the Neurobehavioral Research Department at […]

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All in the Family

All in the Family by James M.R. Crary Copyright Steven Arnold Thompson   Political assassination is very sophisticated and subtle so it is often hard to know who is to blame, the killers or those who laugh. It is too much to hope that failure to understand is simple ignorance and not something much more […]

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Judge Love, Part Two.

How does a professionally constructed persona get put into play to cover for child mutilation? Such a singular wrong. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette never got it through their heads that I am a person and not a Peter Leo comic strip. Everyone in Pittsburgh, however, knows I have perfectly legitimate reasons for hating them. I could […]

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Judge Love

This case is very weird because the perpetrators are very weird. It is incendiary because the perpetrators are incendiary. I am doing my level best to explain carefully and reasonably both what transpired and how it has caused such pain to me personally. The Administration of the University of Pittsburgh was well aware in the […]

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Mac Crary

A witness to how the British rock industry, particularly King Crimson, worked with the Christian Fascists who released the AIDS Onslaught to make sure they got over in cold blood.

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HitlerReagan: Final Exam

The childhood truth of Jimmy Crary that is that it involved hideous mistreatment resulting in appearance of delinquency due to confusion. Even Rick Santorum knows this to be true. Had I been his son, Don Ostro would have been arrested, but instead I was used for confirmatory bias by Bush to support Reagan’s torrid dementia […]

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Hitting Below the Belt

You don’t have to be the Attorney General to experience concern about and attempt to understand the profound significance of State of Washington Board of Health Investigation #2007-04-0076RN or the attending attempt to get justice before King County Superior Court in action No.7-2-13871-4-SEA. The case is terribly shocking as a political crime. An unidentified registered […]

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