On Drone Wars and the 1%

I believe that anyone, even those most eager to fly off to the new drone wars, has given a moment’s consideration to the manner in which a handful of old money eccentrics manipulate our national politics invisibly, the so-called 1%.  A good many Americans believe that the Kennedy assassination was part of an inside job […]

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Dream Command and Control

I am writing to you again about the terrifying and cruel humiliation I am enduring and have endured for over forty years, terrible beatings, insane acts of depravity, threats against my family’s children, the rape of my best friend, and many terrible serial indignities at the hands of extremely morbid hate criminals, operating without police […]

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Operation Paperclip and Israel

Daddy told me that he first knew for certain that he was mortally ill when walking down a famous boulevard in Paris the only proposition he received was from an African boy. I don’t know why someone like Fripp would think that was funny, or by what psychotic calculus he would tabulate that humiliate against […]

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Another Reptile for President

I am a former Medical Library Clerk who resigned my position in 1985 to pursue an AIDS testing operation that appeared to predate appearance of the virus.  I followed them to Mt. Desert Island and Jackson Immunogenetic Laboratory where I learned they had corresponded with Mark David Chapman before he shot John Lennon.  Mysteriously, members […]

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MK-Ultra for the Dregs

Tears are good in the sense that it means you can still be disappointed and still have belief in your fellow man.  Those who hate tears enough to pursue them by viciousness are the sort of Pittsburghers, some of them still in power, like Peter Leo, who think nothing of torturing children, crushing them until […]

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De-Humanizing the School

As everyone who has looked at me very closely is aware, I live with a debilitating and severe neurotraumatic head wound.  This injury is very painful and gives me no rest.  During this Spring Semester I interrupted my studies long enough to file a complaint in the Courthouse downtown regarding the Neurobehavioral Research Department at […]

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All in the Family

All in the Family by James M.R. Crary Copyright Steven Arnold Thompson   Political assassination is very sophisticated and subtle so it is often hard to know who is to blame, the killers or those who laugh. It is too much to hope that failure to understand is simple ignorance and not something much more […]

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