Battle Station

Agencies that are above suspicion are very effective instruments for building walls of denial.  Cultivating the spirit of the informed faces the power of confirmed self-deception.  Integrity is not a popular aspiration.  If there is no insight, one does have to start slowly and from the beginning.  Even those who read widely have to stop themselves from jumping to conclusions.

The letters of Gail Burstyn were supposedly found by a secret, illegal Union cult working for Reagan who mysteriously knew where to look for them and then, they were adopted as a military plan, in the early 1980’s, just after AIDS started, when public warning could have still made a big difference.  The ringleader of this disgrace was Peter Gabriel.

Peter Gabriel entered public consciousness in the drama of the Watergate Era as a talented singer and poet who managed to make rock art into a distinctive personal fashion statement.  His album, The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway, has a lot in common with the letters of Gail Burstyn.  Both are about ghastly sexually transmitted diseases.  Gabriel claims his work is merely art.  Gail Burstyn was an inside criminal who worked the AIDS onslaught.  Burstyn described their motive for killing Martin Luther King and John Lennon.  Now we get to the punch line.  Everybody knows that Peter Gabriel, the author of the song BIKO didn’t murder Martin Luther King so if he wrote the alibi for Gail Burstyn then to contradict it means Peter Gabriel started AIDS.  This is greeted with many drinks on the house at Reagan’s saloon, and with gales of laughter.

The F.B.I., police and newspaper establishment, bound in silence by a contract of secrecy, shrug it off with the sentiment, what’s one more expose?   When the Ultraright wing simply sneer at dissent and make snide remarks you figure it comes as the price of the ticket, but when the people you are supposed to trust start doing it, too, you are in a long fight for the day when denial won’t work anymore and it is a lonely battle.

The situation with Peter Gabriel has come into definition, to use the language of his own bullwork.  The letters were adopted, whether you call it delivery of a fait accompli or a Catch-22, because Gail Burstyn and Peter Gabriel so closely complement one another.  The British who by their own admission were largely unconcerned and unaffected by AIDS told me in evil hour, “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”  Their goal was no to warn but to keep it entertaining and thereby to enrich themselves.  Snickering, “worse things have happened,” they and their allies de-humanized my condition as a victim of cult of vivisection at the University of Pittsburgh with Tracy Chapman’s dismissive aside, “one white boy goes blind.”

Robert Fripp has a tactical method of hiring detectives and shortly after I connected with him in Philadelphia, after I me Zell, shown by court documents to have had prior knowledge of AIDS, a possible confederate of Tracy Chapman named Cindy Chapman showed up at Tyler Art School, I mention this in passing because of Fripp’s tactical methods to show how early he may have networked Cindy Rudy, who he used to promote the cult of vivisection who mutilated me and rape deaf Jeannie in Pittsburgh at his behest.

The year I dated Leslie Katz, Fripp had an obscure album stating that rock music was about fornicating, after which statement a loud air raid warning sounds.  The close embrace of Fripp and Gail Burstyn is not news to my readers, nor those familiar with the situation regarding how I was used by Pitt (University of Pittsburgh) for a cult of vivisection.

Gail Burstyn worked with David Lucarelli, who got married into my family, in a mutual tagteam partnership with Leslie Katz and Robert Fripp.  They set up find of the letters well aware that the British greatly enjoy being sneaky.  The Beatles figure they are more important than the masses and that attempts to save the world are just another Concert for Bangladesh.  They weren’t going to be forced into public service for AIDS Bangladeshis.  They won’t come out and say it, but I think it is helpful to figure it out.  They supported the AIDS Onslaught.  They knowingly wrote the alibi for Zell.  It isn’t just benigh neglect.  Gail Burstyn is one of theirs.

The United Nations adopted the platform of The Green Party which regards King’s murder through the lens of John Rawls.  As long as a Black token, namely Obama, is installationed on high they have no problem working with Dr. King’s murderers, all in the family.  They are, after all, despite being the authors of the AIDS Onslaught, the agency most serious about reconciling the different interests between human and civil rights.

Oxford is very smart.  They used me to make a case for Gail Burstyn through the utility of futility regard my self-defense.  The AIDS Combine, despite bragging opely of their deception of Gays, their war game, their crime, their contempt, have proven implacable.  Twenty years of pointless arguing while life passes me by.  What a terrible secret all of this is.  I look at what they’ve done to me, particularly my eyes, I look at my face, trying to pretend it isn’t terrible when it is, and they have me here in school, where their cult of vivisection took revenge on me by Rosa, through the stage management of Fripp’s partner Peter Sinfield, in the name of De De, just as Dr. King’s was slain, they have me here proving myself to them, after mutilating me for a cult of vivisection, lie after lie.

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