The Gnat’s Eyelash of Strubbery-Katz

In another word about a collaborator in the AIDS Onslaught, Robert Fripp of King Crimson, war criminal, we find a man who in his pecksniffery or furious hypocrisy for the acid rock industry understood the condition of neurobedience in a brutalized and hypnotized golem, Manchurian tactics, to such facility that even when Pittsburgh Police denied the surreal dimension of holocaust simulation and vivisection experimentation, he was presenting himself as dignified enough of an individual species that he could and supposedly would intervene to prevent catastrophic malpractice of a deranged nature. Instead, goaded on by the pathetic social standard that denies and make no attempt to grasp even the difference between impacted neuroplastic head trauma and self-injury, concussion related confusion and genetic schizophrenia, deafness and shoving clay in the penis, he fulfilled the atrocity purposefully on behalf of the true assassins, gurgling as he raped a retarded deaf girl, calling it a slay for John Lennon’s spirit at Yasukuni Shrine. In other words, he dares ya to find someone who understands the issue well enough not to be wowed by Richard Starkey’s grunting approval of abomination. Who, after all, even made it past the title of this piece?

While I am certain the British-American Combine who released AIDS and they installationed Obama as their man in Havana intended this case to be hidden history, it no longer is so. It is not just that Sean Lennon made recreation of a Korean deaf girl as his comfort woman to entertain the men who slew his famous father while I fought a lonely battle against them; Reagan gave Yoko Ono an opportunity to demonstrate her inborn viciousness by mutilating a child in a deranged experiment and then broadcasting he was to blame for the murder her faction committed because trying to sleep with a Jewish girl who had tidally locked him in an unrequited relationship during the dramatic lead up to the assassination, giving her bray over the pale white liberal humanist patriarch, my dead father, also murdered in unrivaled gall by those supported openly by Ono, and increasingly cackling bray over the defsukke itself as she postured in glee for a Durrenmatt widow making eunuchs of those who insulted her largesse, masking her collusion with Will Zell on Mt. Desert Island with the crowd-pleasing gesture of castrating the qweewee who criticized Holy Reagan, top sacred confederate of Beatle John, in whom all things unholy are forgiven, so there.

Politically correct Queers in feeding frenzy support those who dinnuh really started AIDS cuz only queerbait be to blame, now.

Curious the evidence found in Warhol’s original neighborhood, the I SHOT JOHN LENNON papers of Gail Burstyn, so coveted by the AIDS Combine who greatly admire and appreciate her manner of enriching Ono, a script documenting a historical, Hitlerian spree by the ultraright wing who tagged Jimmuh Qwee at birth for the sort of pinko who would squeal on Frank Zappa, a trophy scroll endorsed by Pittsburgh Police cuz Reagan didn’t know, so there, implicates the Japanese sexual liberation giant NEVA pornographic Corporation in PITT’s vivisection program mutilating a deaf golem, child of senior faculty, into neurobedience to the persona they impinged on his experience, forcing IT to desperately question itself in a sophomore morass frenetically tormented by the complex built by dirty Leslie, encroaching on his reputation and name, until it became clear that Camp Co-one to Wanna (maker) could be used by Camp Con-a-Qwee effectively for the Summer of Lust and Sexual Self-Destruct.

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