A Japanese Inspirational

Lewis Lapham said of Ward Moore’s grandson, a victim of pedophile commodity trafficking, mutilation, brutality and severe neurological trauma only that Cindy Rudy held his arm up, “as distastefully as though holding a urine specimen.” Being a symbol of innocence became a death sentence and I was taken hostage by Seattle Queers with HIV to their deranged tantrum over Lennon sold them by those who released the virus, who then started a property cult stampede at Carnegie Mellon over the letter of Gail Burstyn.   This response to a badly damaged child screaming for mercy, the mockery, by Queers giving those who started AIDS a big laugh totally refutes the idea that Queers can be trusted with children. With their bought boy, Barack Obama still in The White House, Executive Queer Control want me silenced as a snitch.


Was Sean Strub (S.S.), known partner of Gail Burstyn, who went to the Dakota with Mark David Chapman a Federal Agent, and if so, what purpose, what mission did he undertake exactly and for who? How did it morph into Ming Na Wen’s campus gang at CMU, plying an organized campus action of sophomore politics to kill for?   What was the exact function and political location of Will Zell Broome that he received cover and endorsement from Hillary (Logan) Clinton and Peter Gabriel? Where does Dr. Ralph Proctor of WQED fit in?


To understand Sean Strub’s mission you have to begin by seeing his function for Peter Gabriel, his concept and sale of hate on behalf of Will Zell Broome, his dirty incitement of Seattle Queers, his adoption by Black Panther Aaron Dixon in the Seattle Green Party, his ultraclass war game, and in short his alliance with the NAACP. The Strub-NAACP alliance is not only central to the power of this viciousbich Barack Obama, but also critical to understanding the sickening and medieval manipulation by British racists in their paranoid and revolting ministry of rock albums.


Most of us realize that rioters after police killings include a number of black gangs who don’t value the life of others enough to care what they’re doing and that their mayhem has nothing to do with legitimate protests. They are opportunists getting a chance to party. Blacks will not riot over racial injustices visited by the Ku Klux Klan on a white they consider a traitor to their race. The entire sadistic adventure of Fundamentalist pussyball organized by Buchanan’s peasant army at PITT was S-M derision (Sinfield-Mancine) protecting violent pedophile patriots while signaling from the KKK for Black Nazis to pile on. Having been chosen as a symbol anything I did was considered symbolic. It may not seem very wise for Blacks in the NAACP to side with the KKK, but it did happen, and this tyrannical sex and death cult used me as a hate object fixxe to alibi those who released AIDS. Either the Civil Rights Movement was not up to the sophistication of British eugenicists or they were vicious enough on the level of spoils to team up knowingly in spite.


Dr. Proctor’s book: Voices from the Firing Line, a history of Pittsburgh’s Civil Rights Movement, has some ironic revelations. For one, he admits he was always hot-wired and identified as unstable by the Civil Rights Movement themselves. He relishes recounting bashing of white for any reason handy, feel good, get even politics, and talks of hitting below the belt, taking out the family gems. While it is very important to note that the orderly at Harborview Medical Center who stunted my virility chemically was a gloating white man, this is a bi-racial, sadistic alliance, and information about the Alliance of Black Postal workers, documented for their role in the murder of Shannon Harps comes right on top of information about the Black Panthers in this treasurable document about Pittsburgh. Having been targeted for assassination by members of WQED where Dr. Proctor worked in the past, I have the right to wonder what is going on. Gail Burstyn most important partner, Leslie Katz, was championed by Matt Marcus of WQED, a man who burned two girls, Noel and Page, so fiercely with a poker from the fireplace that one became gangrene, he said to bring them back to reality, and he was working at MisterRogers Neighborhood. The Black Panthers staked the clubhouse after the slay and both Seattle Queers and the Postal Alliance are on record for having participated. If I had been Black I’m sure I would not have been immolated symbolically by this aggressor lobby.


What make the case so morbid is that part of the orchestration found Harvey Milk assassinated on the day of the Jonestown Massacre. A Maine church near Zell’s action with a branch in Guyana plies their deaf congregation with: If you die right now, do you know you would go to heaven? Why not? Why not? Snapping their fingers insistently.


Rosa came onto me with the words, “I am too happy.” They were angling towards any absence of serious suffering and sabotaging release from klan forces involved in serial mutilation hate crimes. Rosa teamed up with the Black colleagues in the library I worked for total defamation and humiliation in terrible home invasion. This was a project of the artists working with Peter Gabriel, notably Frank Zappa, whose twisted take on what was going on found a deaf Korean orphan with Downs Syndrome and epilepsy raped by Velvet Revolution politics at a time when I was receiving an encomnium from Olga Havel Foundation for my eulogy about her. Clearly there is two-tongue syndicate at work and nothing all that unusual about the high regard I hold Dr. Proctor in, and the substance of my suspicions.


While Zappa’s doctrine of free speech only for them was twisted into a search for insults as an excuse for hostage-taking to the HIV positive and as a gloomy pronouncement of further sadistic abuses by foreign rapists claiming a supernatural connection to my narrative skills, this is how Midori Goto generates support for her pussyball activities in promotion of Sean Strub and the NEVA Corporation confederates who molested me as a child in a project meant to have AIDS testing outcome. Zappa, in other words, was the source of the most torrid jive of cosmic debris issued during the Great Backstab.


Thrilled with their nightmarish symbolic conquest of the miracle music spoil of the evil case, the NAACP, armed with Federal Agents posing as students, flattened deaf white suck, triumphed for the AIDS Combine who they liberated with a pathetic tizzy of guttersnipes over a one night stand, entrapment in the AIDS testing war game, courtesy skinhead nation of Ed Meese.   Accept their dominion or expect more slasher violence. They still control The White House.


Midori Goto’s infamous feminist war game, preying on a neuroplastic injury impacted by the NEVA Corporation on a hostage little white, touting a mythical blackbelt in feminazism as soul-raping, seizure-inducing, Ayn Rand politics in Holy Lennon’s name, where jealousy is so classless, resulted in false witness dogma and sterilization of a fan by King Crimson after years of tormenting me, special circumstances judged by Police Alchemists to allow brutal molest, piecemeal dismemberment and sadism as infinite sadisquench to Moonunit and Strubberbosque, letting Gail Burstyn go free, as they fell to lick her feet.

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