Serious Fingerprints

The impacting of atypical facial pain as part of a criminal experiment by scoundrels in higher education is attended by accomplice from The White House and Federal Agency, but being a representative society, the actual identities of the authors of the war crime have to be understood as trans-institutional and very personal. Understanding who they are comes from evaluation of the dissertation in Gail Burstyn’s text, a job much too complicated for a child, which makes the malicious enterprise of sacrificialism very clearly reprisal for political expression.


For example, the idea of inflicting a low quality of life on a representative of the idea of human rights and then attempt to derive whether education is compensation suggests the Oxford author of The Repugnant Conclusion, Derek Parfit, who conceived of the Royalist enforcement of Malthusian theory, British elite attempts to prove and thus enforce scarcity, based on the idea that distribution of wealth would only succeeding in impoverishing those who were wealthy without helping raise the mean of the many.


A super-system is at work in the article of Gail Burstyn that receives reinforcement from the British rock industry. The British make no secret over gloating about the crime. The jocular dictat of the repugnant conclusion is that scavengers will make peace for a crumb. Just call it love.


Certain Social Science themes can be sounded out by detectives investigating the cultural execution at work in triumph by authors of the AIDS onslaught. Betrayal by the Beatles is a loud component but as likely to obscure as much as it reveals, if primarily because a power of fait accompli offering slipknot amnesty in the name of Reagan to all perpetrators.


The slogans of gossip are derived from putting together a patchwork of operational assumptions representing the general mean of intuitional assessment to be expected from the rabble based on their passing familiarity with cultural icons like Ayn Rand and Cornell West, encouraging fickle feelings of worship for deities of the celebrity intelligentsia. By evocation of popular assumptions certain dirty tricks get by.


The corruption mystique of the City of Pittsburgh and the Elite of Correctness in Seattle found a gestalt between them which allowed them together to promote slander as an identity crime pursuing slave labor extrusions and free information by the power of false accusation being made actionable through enforcement of demands for self-vindication.   False accusations yielded free information and grueling slave labors while protecting the truly guilty by a secret plebiscite of company theory pronounced as diversion by the true authors.   My initial volunteer contributions began as attempts to help the Gay Community mobilize and to provide public information to Our Commonwealth’s public trust, in other words I was not acting from a desire for self-vindication. The attempts to incriminate me came from the true authors, who logically benefited from turning the tables this way, giving the perpetrators supreme power of persecution.


The fix is in for the misuse of philosophy of education, and the targeting of a child by PITT. Hearing them justify themselves in cold blood by crowing over the quality of slave labor extrusions is seriously frightening. Are the two-tongued men who blame a child taking credit or blame for the mental condition of their prey? This is the point at which King Crimson’s heaviocity becomes too heavy, crowing that it is justified that a multiply handicapped victim of serial abuses should be forced to stand alone.


Other fingerprints become clear in the proximity of the cabal to Jonas Salk’s text Survival of the Wisest, Epoch B Death Control, and the local publication: Sexual Self-Destruct ~ The Conscience of the West. The gassing of the queerbait was traced to Salk Labor through Ark/ARTEK and Operation: Death Seed on Mt. Desert Island was confirmed to be hobnob between Robert Fripp and George Bush. Given the séance of evil surrounding the article of Gail Burstyn and the Observation by King Crimson her faction clearly used for the dialectic of paranoid and poison in its strangely useful text implicates King Crimson in the martyring and selection of Martin Luther King sacrificially and Lennon with their leadership of the Discipline movement that fabricated a cardinal sin in an alliance between Alpana and invasion by skinhead army on Pitt News, one wonders why King Crimson itself, found out for cold-blooded liars, is presumed innocent of all offenses, against man and reason, to say nothing the murder of Dr. King, a major factor in the article by Gail Burstyn, for which, I remind you, she was never arrested.


I have seen many a support group, counselors, peers, and professors devolve to confederate stooges at the mere mention of the Beatles, who draw upon wild fanatical loyalty and love as their due to abuse. Their first objective is to get away with it. Their second objective is to justify it.


I propose to return to these issues soon in exposing the police alchemists involved in executing Victor Frankl’s psychiatric operation as theory in service of abomination, the central question of which is whether higher education mean greater understanding or greater power to deceive? Rather obviously some issues of moral choice and conscription are involved.

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