Operation Paperclip and Israel

Daddy told me that he first knew for certain that he was mortally ill when walking down a famous boulevard in Paris the only proposition he received was from an African boy. I don’t know why someone like Fripp would think that was funny, or by what psychotic calculus he would tabulate that humiliate against my right to exist, only that this is the scary and tragic situation today. Online from 2004 is my HIV: Auto-Report, written before the heart poison and chemical castration, testifying to truly deranged acts of assault and military brutality towards an unarmed, unsuspecting, non-violent, disabled resident of Allegheny County unleashed by the murderers in Fripp’s cult. Since then there have been other cruelties than those I enumerated. For example, Dr. Tracy Tran of International Community Health Services humiliated me by an overly powerful medicine prescribed for too long with disreputable bowel noises and syndrome, another factor in the military crime of Gore, Lapham and Karl.


It is the most terrible humiliation by a school of a disabled student that has ever been inflicted on a human being, and it may amount to premeditated murder after a horrifying ordeal. They clocked out the killing of John Lennon years in advance, orbiting their target with his execution. Mortifying tears of loss and tragedy, screams of suffering in the streets that were neither heeded nor heard have been met with peals of laughter and morbid taunting. This is the legacy of those horrid millionaires in rock music secret illegal cults stomping on our campuses at will and Hillary, their ringleader, wants to be crowned King of America. These agencies, Bowie, the CIA, Pitt with a laugh were rivalling each other in tragedy production all consumed with joy at the script of Gail Burstyn. Rosa gave the aggressor infinite gratify apparently as compense for my turn to speak. The entire Federal Intelligence system went into this blsht and murderous misuse of popularity.


Spiritually, Seattle’s goal was to kill me emotionally, a snuff film of the soul.


Their explanation: Execution for cudda.

The truth: Execution for sounding public warning.


It is totally ridiculous, not just unfair. Jimmy Crary never stood a chance.


The misuse of Lennon for misdirection was so effective and the blackout so total that the idea that anyone would ever take action of any kind is terribly amusing to the criminals surrounding Ringo Starr, an author of travesty, irresponsibility and monumental cruelty, to say nothing of unfair.   The Clintons have refused to lend assistance.   In this casebook, despite their denials, there is far too much cognitive science and attending military brutality to deny conception was at work in the war game I’ve disclosed. They repeatedly and gruelingly tortured me because they couldn’t achieve sufficient mockery of me to laugh away the evidence when they failed to have it destroyed. They have authored endless clemency for the assassins while they pulled this, advancing sexually deranged violent African hazing in promotion of offensive occult religious warfare and King Crimson egologic as if nothing mattered more, dictatorially directed at resentment of my existence by Black confederates who reveal their hand and the hand of the Black race, despite all the lies, in the planning stages. They were represented in the crime as participants in the AIDS Combine as all the evidence shows. Delusions about this cloaked the Alpana scam which was purposefully clocked as a scarlet letter and cardinal sin to the staged and phony intercept of the Burstyn scroll by the authors in the Reagan establishment, led by Wesley Posvar with the help of James W. Child and Robert Fripp.


All of this crime is military evidence of meditation particularly by the British wing of the AIDS Combine.


Being soul cruel was their mission of Nazism and berserker formula while masquerading their hatecraft as therapy for the victims they deceived and kept in the dark. I will have to be tested for TB eventually. My contaminated reputation was deliberately inflicted not just to be a turn off but to amuse the people who tortured me as a child, who used their status as rock kingpins to incite the Act Up criminals to set upon me for recreational SADISM. The burping heart led to me requesting a holter monitor this semester. I also tried to get the attention of the courts. I have this letter to PATF (Pittsburgh AIDS Task Force):


Dear PATF:


I met one of your representatives at CCAC this afternoon and we had the following conversation, which was written down because I am deaf.


MC:  I’m deaf.  I want someone from the Pgh. Police Dept. to review my investigation into the origin of AIDS.

PATF:  The origins of AIDS is a mystery.  Nobody was there when the virus entered the human blood stream.  The police will not be able to help you.  Scientists are unsure.


MC:  My investigation is a little unusual.  Why wouldn’t someone want to see it.

PATF:  I don’t know how to answer that question.  How old are you?

MC:  54.

PATF:  44?

MC:  54.


I shared this conversation which was written down with the Director of Campus Security and a member of the Pittsburgh Police Department.  The police officer wrote down for me the Pgh. Police Intell Unit # 412-323-7844.


I explained that I was  Medical Library Clerk when it first happened and detected a group planning to challenge the courts with a mandatory testing precedent case from a time predating appearance of the virus and that wondering how that could be possible, I resigned my job to investigate on Mt. Desert Island as a newspaper reporter.


Due to extremely cruel acts of violence towards me for trying to show the evidence to other adults, I have become very afraid of people generally when it comes to discussing this, but I am also aware that I am under an obligation to expose this tragedy.


Since I have been trying for years to find a safe medium for discussing my investigation with others without reprisal towards me, I have wondered why PATF would not want to know the details?  Unless there is something you already know that I do not, I find the situation not only extremely disappointing but confusing and immature.


I’m sorry that a confirmatory bias is already in place to believe that this is not an authentic and revealing investigation.  I have, however, never given up hope that intelligent people will eventually allow the truth to be disclosed.


Accordingly, I am hoping that you will help me smooth the way for a peaceful exchange of views without further reprisals directed at me for discussing evidence showing what I know to be true.


Sincerely yours, Mac Crary


The assassins designed a contraption, entirely endorsed by Obama, of comparative lives as a pacification program in which brutalizing me in horrible hate crimes was a serial adventure for kicks. The pit in my stomach, the optic light flashes, dry eyes, sagging, bagging eyelids are meant to be far more than the simple turn-off that I already suffer as a deaf man. They are a throwback to my tragic father’s experience in Paris, with a giggle from Moonunit Zappa.


The Zappas are at the root of this horror. They believe they know everything. The Big One, Frank, drawled that the universe is a Mobius vortex to awe the everyday man with his intellect, but the thing is that while that is possible nobody knows that for certain. The Zappas are terribly found of making broad and grave statements to announce things that mere mortals cannot. They lied through the teeth about all of it. Famous last words: cya.


The evidence show that the idea of the name Gail Carolyn Burstyn, a homophone for the Christian apocalypse, was also about gamma rays bursts, and nuclear warfare. They are threatening to bomb NY and already pulled 911 with the help of Clinton by masquerading as representing the victims when in reality they represent the assassins. That is crystal clear from Peter Gabriel malicious and totally false construction of an alibi for Will Zell Broome. This game was about the little boy bomb and is called Operaton: Little Girl. I don’t believe for a minute that the Bush wing of the CIA didn’t do it.


Strub went to the Dakota that night as a self-immolation leader to the Taliban of the victims. What they put me through was not a romantic ordeal, it was criminally insane. Gail Burstyn was an expert in human trafficking and their structuralist approach to the war game was the same.

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