De-Humanizing the School

As everyone who has looked at me very closely is aware, I live with a debilitating and severe neurotraumatic head wound.  This injury is very painful and gives me no rest.  During this Spring Semester I interrupted my studies long enough to file a complaint in the Courthouse downtown regarding the Neurobehavioral Research Department at University of Pittsburgh who poisoned me.  Despite this cruel injury and the endless suffering it causes, my school, the Community College of Allegheny County, refuses to acknowledge the terrible injury.  The reason my school refuses to acknowledge the terrible injury is that they would have to extend me pity and they have done such horribly cruel things to me in the past when I worked there and dated Rosa Monteleone, that it does not permit them to admit what they have done.  This tragedy carries a lesson:  Fear of accountability de-humanizes.  The neuroplasm doesn’t give me any rest and because they must continue to justify themselves, neither do they.  The reason they will not acknowledge the neurotraumatic head injury is that to so would require pitying me and they cannot both pity me and use me as a scapegoat in a practical joke.  Without their practical joke explanation for what was done to me, the entire framework of how I was tortured is called into question, and this would require acceptance of me as a human being.

The Administration held a Disciplinary Review over Spring Break and really does not want me talking to other students.  A young woman named Leanne approached me today because she is interested in Deaf Studies.  Leanne is the first student in a long time to express interest in me.  Since she is interested in Deaf Culture this is very understandable.  I’m very visible as a deaf student.

Leanne is a bold person who expressed her dislike for some of the kids at another table very loudly and openly.  Lunch room politics are campus politics, but because the situation for me at school is so serious it isn’t as light-hearted a gesture for me as it appeared to be for her.  I assume she was teasing.  The Administration won’t like me taking any of the students seriously because they are tired of students complaining about me.

I am a poet.  I take my words and my studies seriously.  I am taking requirements because Mercy Behavioral, the Deaf Community and my family think I should finish school while I am able to.  My first consideration in attending CCAC was to study with Dr. Proctor while I have a chance.  I have been able to return because I have learned Sign Language.  Sign Language has more physicality than the written word, but is harder to nuance.  Learning to speak sign clearly and graciously is not very easy.  Poets are involved more often in the written word.  Leanne mentioned Rochester Institute of Technology where there is a sizeable and talented group of deaf students and faculty involved in the arts.  I do understand that at R.I.T. Sign Language Poetry is much more common and well-understood than here in Pittsburgh, even though I am sure some appreciation exists due to the efforts of Western Pennsylvania School for the Deaf.

Some of the people at CCAC are friends of mine, both on the faculty and work force.  They see what I am, in part, as a project and investment in our mutual hopes of bringing about constructive change.  It’s not that I like being an instrument, but my father was Chair of Education at the University of Pittsburgh.  This makes me a responsibility in ways not everyone likes.  PITT itself has banned me and made political deceptions about my terrible facial nerve pain.

Due to the severity of my injuries, all of CCAC is in the awkward position of being faced with the possible loss of someone who some of them care about.  They prefer I not discuss what happened.  They are embarrassed.  I’m writing this as I should be studying for a test and badly wish I were at home in bed fast asleep.  I feel it is a good idea to write this letter because I know some of the CCAC community feel very badly for me and wonder what really happened.

A combination of problems is at work that are easy for me to explain, but very hard for the school to accept.  As a result I am sensitive to both your right to know or my right to tell and school pressure on me to be silent or be expelled.

After I reported being tortured as a child the University of Pittsburgh and the AFL-CIO set me up with a foreign girl who i thought wanted to marry me named Rosa Monteleone.  She was here to attack my character so that the school could dismiss the fact of torture, terrible beatings and poison by a nerve agent.  Faced with the loss of someone I loved, due to her attack I went into convulsive arrest, was disoriented, reliving kidnapping and mutilation crime and ended up homeless where I endured further tragedy, medical malpractice and other terrible mistreatment.  All of it and my battered condition are evidence of disgusting cruelty.  All of this is very serious and I felt remorse at being enlisted by Leanne in saying I think people I don’t even know are yinzers, a fact that she thinks is cause for dislike and which can also be said about me.

The girl in question seems like a very special person, so I have always assumed her boyfriend is, too.  All of these students are white students and this gives them an air of affinity for one another.  Both girls, Leanne and the girl she doesn’t like, have blond hair giving the aspect of blond haired angels.  A lot of my work pertains to understanding and changing the racism in Pittsburgh, so I find it very awkward to have to contend with this sort of infighting among the students.

This doesn’t mean I know anything about these children.  The men who tortured me are all very wary of what they have said was something about me not being in a position to move against them.  I don’t really know what that means.  As a reporter I found evidence in John Lennon’s murder while investigating the origin of AIDS.  Not that I have AIDS.  I was just a Medical Library Clerk.  None of this is anything I am allowed to tell any of you, but as a student at CCAC again I don’t want to take sides about any of the students without a good reason, so rather than be agreeable about disliking people I don’t even know, I have to ask Leanne to either be accepting of those she dislikes or explain a little better because I have always liked them.  The alternative is to confront Leanne about my difference of opinion.

Try to understand that I am old and struggling with injuries that are serious enough I almost sympathize with the school’s desire, some of them, to just get rid of me.  It won’t help to have more student problems, as you probably know.

This brings me to speculation about why this campaign was waged in the lunch room.  The political environment at school is facing attempts in the political arena to make a new solidarity, and as predominantly Democrats in Pittsburgh, this solidarity means asking individuals with differences to put them aside.  I am very wary of these litanies because I understand the political machine that allowed me to be tortured and probably put in an early grave.  Were this not very important I would be resting right now.

CCAC is a school I have to attend who made a mockery of me as a victim of torture.  Being deaf is humiliation.  No one will follow a humiliated deaf man.  CCAC, Pitt and the AFL-CIO funded sexual protest directed at me on and off campus during the terrifying crisis of the AIDS development because their goal was neurological humiliation and a cover story about the AIDS Onslaught which forbids acknowledging the evidence that Lennon’s murder and my neurological injuries are part of a war game clocked to the release of AIDS as a cold-blooded military weapon.

It would be nice if Blacks looked past race into the soul but they can’t afford to and dire poverty does not allow much room for compassion.  As a result the Black Community was eager to be tricked about the situation.  They don’t know the full story and knowing half the story isn’t enough, worse the Clintons are selling the crime by half-truths and outright lies.  The dishonest politician may well be accepted as a passe idea, but it is a morbid absolute when it comes to the Great Backstab of the AIDS Onslaught in which Rosa Monteleone functioned as a war criminal attempting to sabotage my ability to report what I investigated on Mt. Desert Island.  The British sent her with the help of Carnegie Mellon and Clinton financial supporter David Geffen.  Rosa was a hitjob by artists working with Peter Gabriel.

During the years I have been away in Seattle I have been worked to the bone for my life under the shadow of homicide attacks aimed in my direction to scare me into compliance, including the slasher murder of Shannon Harps outside the Clubhouse in Seattle where I took refuge.  The terrible mutilation crime I live with is not all that embarrasses CCAC about what happened to me.  It is very important to recognize that what they did to me with Rosa, humiliating me through notes as a deaf co-worker, they did to a neurotrauma victim.  Most of us, including myself, did not know the neurotrauma was there, however the Adminstration of the University of Pittsburgh knew, withheld that information and sought to cover up the plan we’ve found by destroying my ability to testify.  Withholding exculpatory information about someone they didn’t even have the decency to properly accuse is grossly illegal.  They see me as the rubbish boy to do with as they see fit, a

Many Black people regard themselves as good Christians, so the AIDS war game that involved sexual protest appealed to them as a way of straightening out disorderly conduct through brutal and unethical disciplinary measures.  Even those who did not like the AIDS attack and were suspicious about AIDS voted for those who did not care about it or were deeply involved and did this entirely because they were Black, and this hoodwinking game is what gave rise to Barack Obama.  He is complicit in the AIDS attack.  It is not going to be reported.

PITT engineered a strange war game which reflects a eugenic reasoning.  They set up a Pussyball Operation with attending on-campus Christian criminologists, which depicted race Pussyball as Eugenic Criminology.  This allowed Blacks to claim they were victims by the simple act of sexual entrapment into a sex and death cult, as part of the plan to force a mandatory testing precedent in court.  Blacks in Pittsburgh worked with those who started AIDS because they thought the idea of depredating on my head injury to make me a laughingstock by taking Midori Goto, who symbolized the will of Yoko Ono and spirit of Lennon in this outrageous invention, as a spoil with her consent made my terrible suffering and my pain into the white humiliated man who cudda saved John Lennon but didn’t and thus did not deserve Midori, when the Confederates involved did because I was lured into a one-night stand with a married Indian woman named Alpana, which is presumably a race taboo, and this shows the deranged cryptology of the jealousy call of dibs murder game which the campus community promoted to deter understanding and warning in favor of a practical joke.  Rosa was sent to CCAC by Midori when Midori was at Duquesne.

PITT Security claimed I was obsessed with the virginity of a girl Leslie Katz who was the starlet of the letters they planted on me and pretended to find when luring me to Mt. Desert Island.  Protection of her virginity was given as the spiteful cause for killing John Lennon.

Much that happened during the AIDS war is tied to this sanctimonious bedlam.  The letters were planted on me and on a signal by Wesley Posvar leading Reagan’s Federal Emergency Management Agency Team they pretended to find them while luring me to Mt. Desert Island, where I pursued them, hoping to secure evidence, which I did.  The letters in question, about killing King and Lennon, were by Jewish Holocaust Survivors working with the Reagans which is why they were never arrested.  Victor Frankl’s theories of satisfying injury through collateral damage is a symbolic idea called Logo-Therapy.  The adoption of the script was given Black endorsement because of the triumph over Midori and conquest of the Presidency they were offered to go along with it.  Many symbolic acts resulted, from the torching of the Jackson Immunogenetic Labs to the slasher murder of Shannon Harps, those who released AIDS have set the agenda, while pretending to be satisfying victim grievance.  The African storytelling of the Operational idea called Medicine Man was a gigantic fraud.  Bill Clinton’s machine basically communicated to me:  if I force them to empathize with me as a victim of torture they are going to demand I be given AIDS because they hate me, and the author of the letters Gail Burstyn was selling that idea, of hating me as a symbolic white boy for what I was born.  This conceptioning is a part of Africology, so the Black Community participated in de-humanizing the school.

Students are generally pretty pathetic and there is a very serious problem finding intelligence at CCAC.  The Administration are apparently somewhat immature.   The hoodwinking of the Pussyball Eugenics becomes clear through another method of recruiting Blacks to the values of the Ku Klux Klan by symbolically attacking me.  Through this method we can see Obama’s complicity in the Geffen Crime Family through his police science.  Britain said that the Klansman who attacked me were K.  I was C until I was seduced by Alpana which made me a K.  In order to regain my innocence as a C, they demand forgiveness of K, which will make a KC bond much to the delight of King Crimson for whom Rosa worked.  King Crimson and Peter Gabriel wrote the alibi for a white nazi named Zell working with the letter writers from 1974 about killing King and Lennon.  Zell was proven by investigation to have spoken about the AIDS plan before it took place.  This proves the British
alibi for Mt. Desert Island is a fraud.

The murderers laughed listening to Dr. King.  They said, okay, if diplomacy, non-violence, forgiveness are a grant of meditation, then the criminals would be granted clemency automatically.  To assuage this, Reagan and Posvar brought James W. Child to corner me at PITT NEWS from the Iceland Nuclear Debate team.  Once he had sold the staged and phony intercept of the letters planted on my house with the help of Peter Gabriel, a man who married into the environment of the Royal Family, he had Black culture helping those who started AIDS through mysterious symbolic acts in Operation Medicine Man.  With all of this as water under the bridge, the hope for AIDS Nuremberg is virtually an illusion.  The global power arena has cooperated granting Obama a fiat in the matter.  Blacks like Jews have victim status to burn.  The idea was to release the AIDS virus while claiming they were still the victims.  This required an Ark.  The assassins in fact are linked to ARK/ARTEK whose founder Tom Ammons works at CCAC.

The idea of a city of brotherly love through forgiveness plays on the name of the city of Philadelphia, which, in this case is Phil-adolf-ia, like Philadelphia, Mississippi, the city of brotherly love where James Chaney went to his grave.   Humiliating me and using me has a long history in Allegheny County.  Deanna Mancine seduced me as a child when I was a child, too.  The 12 year old was militarily arranged.  She had already lost her virginity which was given as the spiteful excuse in the letters for the murder of Martin Luther King.  Entrapment of that sort is illegal.  The British however saw how it could be used for blackmail.  By the social cooperation of the AFL-CIO this crime of entrapment in a sex and death culture was allowed.  My deafness was ignored by the authorities because of the Taliban idea of it being karma, much as Rosa’s friend Evangelia Karmas was evoked as the avenging angel of karma when my only friend, a deaf girl named Chin i who taught me sign language allowing my return to school was attacked and raped in Peter Gabriel’s rampage over Rosa and John
Lennon, which he set up to advocate for Obama in the mission of sexual salvation by cooperation with those who released AIDS.

All of this has been deemed permissible.  It won’t be reported.  Corporations are aware that high stakes are involved.  Using copyright as a medium they preyed upon mental illness leading to embrace of slanders by Gays who enjoyed attacking me and were incited to do so by the authorities.  By not paying me for my extremely hard work they further insulted the dignity of the Press and violated our campus community.  It is criminally insane.  Not to be forgotten is that John Stockwell of the CIA followed me to Allentown on my birthday.  He can be sued if he makes money reporting what he learned as their employee.

The criminals in Britain deviously turned my terrorization about stalking by the men who tortured me into a lie about noble defense of them as members of the same community in order to depict me in racial terms as a white boy and advance the Eugenic participation of the Black Community in the Pussyball war game, known as Two Virgins, which underwrote their endorsement of the AIDS Onslaught and the testing operation on Mt. Desert Island.  This concept of the noble white allowed them to pin me to a foreign portfolio based on KC egologic for King Crimson, as a satanic ritual stormtrooper involved in the Christian Fascist dimension of this insane plot.  This was rigged to be depicted as Black triumph, not only in pussyball but the sanctimonious claims of mutual forgiveness that are necessary to hide the truth about allowing the AIDS crime to go unaddressed by AIDS Nuremberg.

The Confederacy of HOME INVASION designed by the AFL-CIO through CCAC was militarily conceived, an illegal on campus war game in which I was embroiled.  Rosa Monteleone is a war criminal.  CCAC and the City of Pittsburgh, to say nothing of Hillary Clinton, have already made clear they will never tell the truth, and they regard the brutal humiliation and torture I have endured as something to be ignored, so the material question for the looters involved, led by those who wrote the letters and pretended to find them, a whole field of investigation involving child trafficking in East Liberty by Police and the NEVA Corporation from Japan, coordinated by the Warhol syndicate, is which fraud will dominate and for who.

The root of the atrocity was surprisingly simple.  They found someone, deaf and poor, who the Gays refused to identify with so they were easy to recruit helping the ultraclass perpetrators through bribes and artful deceptions at Carnegie Mellon, a simple deceit engineered by Great Britain.

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