Battle Station

Agencies that are above suspicion are very effective instruments for building walls of denial.  Cultivating the spirit of the informed faces the power of confirmed self-deception.  Integrity is not a popular aspiration.  If there is no insight, one does have to start slowly and from the beginning.  Even those who read widely have to stop […]

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The Hooded English

Foreign English, led by sizzling rock mercenary Robert Fripp of King Crimson welded up an agreement with Pittsburgh Ku Klux Klan minutemen that I am a hate object born to be murdered in a life of near lethal serial abuse and heart-shattering ridicule, nevermind what anyone who knows me may think. What this monster did […]

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Uncle Tom’s Baltimore

A grueling and unfair death, shocking in its agony, triggered riots in Baltimore, re-igniting discussion that has a lot of uneducated white people, not very in tune with themselves, making comments of a predictable nature. This vocal minority depict the riots as an outgrowth of excuses for mayhem and not as a response to oppression […]

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A Japanese Inspirational

Lewis Lapham said of Ward Moore’s grandson, a victim of pedophile commodity trafficking, mutilation, brutality and severe neurological trauma only that Cindy Rudy held his arm up, “as distastefully as though holding a urine specimen.” Being a symbol of innocence became a death sentence and I was taken hostage by Seattle Queers with HIV to […]

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Serious Fingerprints

The impacting of atypical facial pain as part of a criminal experiment by scoundrels in higher education is attended by accomplice from The White House and Federal Agency, but being a representative society, the actual identities of the authors of the war crime have to be understood as trans-institutional and very personal. Understanding who they […]

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