Battle Station

Agencies that are above suspicion are very effective instruments for building walls of denial.  Cultivating the spirit of the informed faces the power of confirmed self-deception.  Integrity is not a popular aspiration.  If there is no insight, one does have to start slowly and from the beginning.  Even those who read widely have to stop […]

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The Hooded English

Foreign English, led by sizzling rock mercenary Robert Fripp of King Crimson welded up an agreement with Pittsburgh Ku Klux Klan minutemen that I am a hate object born to be murdered in a life of near lethal serial abuse and heart-shattering ridicule, nevermind what anyone who knows me may think. What this monster did […]

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Uncle Tom’s Baltimore

A grueling and unfair death, shocking in its agony, triggered riots in Baltimore, re-igniting discussion that has a lot of uneducated white people, not very in tune with themselves, making comments of a predictable nature. This vocal minority depict the riots as an outgrowth of excuses for mayhem and not as a response to oppression […]

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A Japanese Inspirational

Lewis Lapham said of Ward Moore’s grandson, a victim of pedophile commodity trafficking, mutilation, brutality and severe neurological trauma only that Cindy Rudy held his arm up, “as distastefully as though holding a urine specimen.” Being a symbol of innocence became a death sentence and I was taken hostage by Seattle Queers with HIV to […]

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Serious Fingerprints

The impacting of atypical facial pain as part of a criminal experiment by scoundrels in higher education is attended by accomplice from The White House and Federal Agency, but being a representative society, the actual identities of the authors of the war crime have to be understood as trans-institutional and very personal. Understanding who they […]

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On Drone Wars and the 1%

I believe that anyone, even those most eager to fly off to the new drone wars, has given a moment’s consideration to the manner in which a handful of old money eccentrics manipulate our national politics invisibly, the so-called 1%.  A good many Americans believe that the Kennedy assassination was part of an inside job […]

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Dream Command and Control

I am writing to you again about the terrifying and cruel humiliation I am enduring and have endured for over forty years, terrible beatings, insane acts of depravity, threats against my family’s children, the rape of my best friend, and many terrible serial indignities at the hands of extremely morbid hate criminals, operating without police […]

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Operation Paperclip and Israel

Daddy told me that he first knew for certain that he was mortally ill when walking down a famous boulevard in Paris the only proposition he received was from an African boy. I don’t know why someone like Fripp would think that was funny, or by what psychotic calculus he would tabulate that humiliate against […]

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