The New Powers of the Ruling Claque

Experiences like those I have reported regarding super-corporal beastiality by Hitler’s U.S. Pigs operating child mutilation in mandatory loosening of morals through Pittsburgh Police forces are always more terrible than you can say. In this way you could say I lied about my experiences if the inability to express because the tongue cannot handle the […]

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The letters were planted on me.

The letters of Gail Burstyn were planted on me in a vicious, cheap cop trick by insanely violent murderers who set upon me crying piteously and forcing hard drugs on me in pedophile hostage taking and this fact was clear from the content of the letters, yet Gail Burstyn knew more than anything the rabid […]

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Answer to an Unknown Person

Sir, in the writing of the story of the bird under the ghostwriter pen name of Gail Burstyn, HitlerReagan had a squadron of skull and bones quarrymen like Daniel Boorstin and the satirist Lewis Lapham working with him and for him. The Guttersnipes, the Pittsburgh gang at Neurobehavioral Research and Advanced Materials and Devices in […]

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I’ll Try to Explain What Happened But It Can No Longer Be Changed

Peter Gabriel and PITT manipulated by very cruel and sophisticated propaganda, gossip lines, grape vines and direct sexual antagonism, a sadistically impacted neuroplasm to make me unwelcome on the level of being a being who made people uncomfortable and seemed to be abridging welcome. This was crude. They were black marketing police pedophile merchandise from […]

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