Dear Lawrenceville Bulletin

Dear Lawrenceville Bulletin, I am writing to you again about an issue that may be a little familiar to you since I have brought it up with you before as a resident of the Lawrenceville District. Obscene crime was visited upon me with terrible injuries causing lifelong agony still forty years later, disability and relentless […]

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Legalizing the Truth

Due to experience that should never have happened, one sentence of my writing contains more of educational value than all of your college degrees. For this reason you should attend to my words religiously. Mark Nordenberg’s historic claim to be the sacred keeper of the nature of reality is understood far and wide to be […]

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Lao Tzu in the Kingdom of Sex

Having a lot to say and no one to say it to is attended by the suffocating feeling of defeat that child molesters had hoped it would be. Whenever a Pittsburgh attorney, counselor, politician or teacher is forced to acknowledge the intensity of the fact that my father Ryland was Chair of Philosophy of Education […]

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On the day after the reverse Pearl Harbor in a war fought backwards, Seattle moved robotically, save for a number of agents of the mission hustling swiftly through the streets carrying large silver, metal briefcases.  There were no journalists of any note left to capture the scene for our children, or interpret its meaning.  Although […]

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The Landslide of Sour Grapes

James, then a fan of King Crimson, was said to be healing wrong from heartbreak and laughing out of turn.   Researchers will immediately detect a brutal sophomore doctrine surrounding the circumstances revealing that AIDS is manmade. This fact greatly exceeds passing interest. Fundamentalist military scientists controlling the root values and final loyalties of mostly conservative […]

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