I Speak For Everyone

I’ve been told from many sources that the University of Pittsburgh Administration has received lengthy and strongly worded assurances from pimps in the British rock industry that no one believes, understands or cares about what I have reported concerning their cloaking devices covering dark activities, so there is no harm in rehearsing the manner in which they have tortured, child mutilationed a person, after a horrifying kidnapping ordeal, then raped his deaf girlfriend, after setting upon him with attack prostitution, chemically castrating him, taking a future of romantic love from the woman who actually loves him, to name a small number of the brutal acts of infamy, atrocity, SADISM, dark cruelty and other forms of brotherly love to which PITT Administration selectively subjects the children of their senior faculty for teaching Civil Rights.

NAZIS IN THE CLINTON ESTABLISHMENT straightforth to use me as a Public Exhibition, vilify me, cover up for horrendous acts of neurological malpractice, utilizing a vicious cut and paste technique perfected by horrific hate criminals like Peter Gabriel on the make for black markets from a terroristic identity crime as a partner of Gail Burstyn. Oliver Stone’s presence in the execution of the terror is psychologically consistent with his media representation of beastial maniacs like HitlerReagan.

Through schools that I attend and blogs that I reach for in despair, there is a studied and intense determination not to understand. It’s very interesting that in playing party to their own aptitude for being hoodwinked, which suggests a certain compulsion towards accomplice in murder, torture and rape, students at the area colleges are exonerated from following the information by the claims that they cannot be expected to be on the level of someone with background in research. Indeed, even in the St. Louis Today Forums, where some of the most active and determined intellectuals on earth hold residence, the attendant MoodySportsFan, concerned both about the issues and about me, doesn’t bother with the facts or the evidence, shrugging off any personal obligation as a royal nuisance, and surmising in advance there is nothing to it, a great boon at PITT where it is all defamed as “in jest,” nevermind the ramifications of that phrase in a case of serial poison crime, murder most foul.

So this brings me to several points about what we are to expect and what we have learned from this sad and scary situation. In the name of breaking up a deaf man with a woman he loved as demonstration of the new age of henpecked former Sixties activists he construes as the right way to do tribute to John Lennon, the murderous monster Robert Fripp of King Crimson engineered a nightmarish and fascist cover operation against proof that AIDS is manmade. The tears that I have shed everyday that I have been alone with the loss of my fiance found Robert Fripp sniveling, gesticulating, smashing his hand against his fist, laughing and crying simultaneously, jowls enraged with fury giving rise to hilarity of maniacal spittle, followed by cringes of dissatisfaction, met with murderous licky chops at the rape of deaf Jeannie and slashering of Shannon Harps, in support of Will Zell and their alibi program.

We’ve learned that the Civil Rights Movement is a vanguard that does not actually practice the Hippocratic Oath, that they enjoy wound compare much, much more, sporting rape pussyball as a form of brutal fraternity rites of passage, and that the spread of HIV was for them more of a test of their intellectual wizardry than a monumental human tragedy. We’ve learned that the Black-o-Finks like Youssou N’dour are extraordinarily inventive in working together with sexual assassins like Rosa through Black Union riff-raff for the defamation of a victim of police pornography beginning in a traumatized, mutilated, hostage childhood. Just as students in college are much too young and naïve to be expected to understand all this, Administrators have a right to avert their eyes, as well, Indeed, the only person who isn’t exempt from being charged with failure to understand is little Jimmy Creary.

There is no hope of respect for my evidence and testimony, so move along, right?

In making me a Public Exhibition after what is classified as an Extreme Situation, we have learned the summation of Nazi Philosophy we can expect from Japan. Any man from the Left trying to give graces as a suitor to a Japanese priss can expect brutal torture as hazing, mutilation, murder of loved ones and chemical castration. This is axiomatic and requires no proof, raping deaf Jeannie, Reagan didn’t know.

In the process of their interest in higher learning and education, the young, having been nurtured into confusion by the viciousness of Imperial rock stars, working with known and dangerous war psychiatrists on Repeat After Me formulas, like Wattenmaker, in nerve agent vivisection involving grade school children, you can be sure Police will side with the celebrity superstate who feel insulted from the lack of ingratiation. These young were told by people they admired with terms that were new to them and no one expected them to understand that AIDS is a purification ritual whereby our schools will be restored to Correctness. In light of this they should sing hymns to human sacrificialism authored by African storytellers who were cheated of due reward in their own saga of proud victimization which unfortunately must befall all who fail to perceive the excellency of equity in nuclear pussyball.

Little Jimmy Queerbait was whytesukke. That’ll learn ya.

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