Allah ‘Bama

Obama is a part of a movement which began with the Kennedy Assassination who regard the Presidency as a Holy Office. Being, in their view, a Holy Office it is the ideal personality cult division from which to launch Holy War uninhibited by legal review. The Holy Executive launched the AIDS Onslaught under HitlerReagan and Obama is here as enforcer to make sure that attempts to expose what they have done are punished without trial and that journalism has no right to a defense. This hideous hate crime began with a blindside attack on a sacrificial white gradeschool child in Pittsburgh who was selected specifically for being the child of a humanist.

Obama is a leader of mobs of people who fundamentally reject our society. They see the system as a cheat and as broken and appeal to the higher authority of their religious and brutal extremism. To see how the Democratic Party has long functioned as organization devoted to the success of the Kennedy Assassination authored by Reagan and the attending slur-laced AIDS extermination, you have to have the courage of analysis. Black Fundamentalism operating out of the U.S. Army, targetting the American people as an enemy, was the most important function in the atrocity.

You would think that the Civil Rights Movement would have known better and done better, but this fails to take into consideration the sneaky, criminal, weird provincialism of the City of Pittsburgh where the Two Virgins Pussyball war game was authored out of the PITT machine. This illegal war game operated openly by police administration who control a hideous child pornography and bondage/trafficking/mutilation industry here, is a specific case in point against the Clinton Administration, who used the U.S. Army against a neurotraumatized victim of torture, living with mental illness from severe injury.

Obama is a confidence game magnate. The primary object of the confidence game were the leftish types in Seattle and on Pittsburgh campuses who may have had enough lingering sense of the Sixties to sense the criminal nature of the AIDS attack. Such people were rounded up by Ringo Starr in the name of Sean Strub and subjected to the hemorrhage of evil that he authored as Palace pervert from Carnegie Mellon University organizing a prison rape norm towards civil dissent. Strub went to the Dakota to watch Lennon being gunned down, gave himself AIDS and became the perfect agent for launching of terror follow-up attacks.

The Seattle Green Party under the leadership of Black Panther Aaron Dixon is a perfect case in point for the bully agency of Black Fundamentalism in the follow up attacks by the AIDS Combine. The people who tortured me as a child killed me. I just haven’t died yet. To prevent help from ever arriving, Dixon mobilized an obscene feeding frenzy from the streets shrill with spoils frenzy. Ferociously barking that there is no reward allowed, because Dr. King was rewarded with death, for being martyred in a sickening and deeply disturbing Christian play about an HIV Jesus, The Black Panthers dreamed up a Black divvies economics based on the idea that there are no victims and that the United States is a morally bankrupt regime who owes the downtrodden of the world our soul. He did this as a favor to Reagan and the other powerful white moguls who launched the AIDS Onslaught to make good and sure they got away with it by virtue of the syphilitic alternative.

The thinking of Gail Burstyn, who was represented by a white Nazi on Mt. Desert Island named Will Zell, yet through manipulations by WQED-TV and Peter Gabriel managed to still claim they represented The Black Man, was of course what they called in whispers locally, “The Historic Black and Jewish Alliance.” What this amounted to was a claim of holocaust victimization so extreme that America was asked to pay for it with our chosen blood beginning with JFK. No one cares about little Jimmy Creary. The Jews would tabulate all the false charges they have been accused of, from killing Jesus to being bringers of plague, and get even by being guilty of them. Blacks would strut forth to deny anything was wrong, and claim that their victimhood represents all victimhood. This effectively corralled the Queers into Obama’s camp.

Local Black leaders had a party when they understood that jealous Jimmy of the Nerve Agent injury had gotten David Bowie behind them with the gift of Midori Goto. What better status victory than conquest of the symbol of life? And pathetic pale white whimpering Jimmy Creary who had his chance would be lacerated with the disturbing tuberculosis of the homeless wards, screaming in seizures of trauma, as symbol of his service to Black cruelty and sadism. If the symbol of the African storytelling tries to break contact with murderers, it is proven white evil.

Virgins are a top dope trade in poker alchemy of the Holy Executive. Punishment without trial is very typical of the Holy Executive as well. The get even screed of Gail Burstyn was politically effective because there was no one to so much as identify the syphilis of Pittsburgh in motion, and because the British elite were so effective in selling the war game, British Avon calling. It was an opportunity for corruption that little, little Barack Obama just couldn’t pass up.

I thought Rosa loved me because of my work.  I was wrong and paid a high price for it.

Behind much of this bedlam of course, is Harkin of Iowa. Not only is his office responsible, but his name is signal and singularly significant. Harken to the lord on high in the Holy Executive, for He Has Buildeth’d an Ark which is protected by the H-bomb. H-Ark-in, and hocus pocus your in focus it’s your lucky day! Smile, you’re on candid brainbeam.

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