A Reagan Story

The letters of Gail Burstyn were a Hollywood act of war. They wrote a persona about a victim of child trafficking that called me a symbol of the corrupt liberal establishment (at age 12) who cudda saved John Lennon. As though syphilis wasn’t riding high enough already, the British filth in King Crimson justified Gail Burstyn and let her go free.


The worm McCartney, unable to lift a finger against the actual assassins, set upon and brutally raped a retarded deaf girl with epilepsy for calling him for the liar he is. John Lennon was proven just as sick as his assassin who used his murder to bring his sickness down upon my head.


Even when told that the letters are about the murder of Lennon, most adults avert their eyes and deny it, making the worm McCartney’s tawdry tale of little Jimmy despicable libel for all the world to see. They claimed a child was to blame but it isn’t true. The crime method was also illegal. I didn’t want it to happen. I had a right to grow up.


The truth has been answered by horrible non-sequitors from Peter Garble-Gabriel exhibiting a terrifying syphilis of thought with no antidote, boiling with the terrorist theme of blaming the victim. Peter Gabriel’s ravenous criminality, a slasher killer and rapist, using Amnesty International for his personal lampoon, has always existed in search of excuses. He listened with flashing eyes to the Reagan wormtongues that called upon the quisling, the worm McCartney.


First of the British objectives was to fashion the attitude of students on Pittsburgh campuses, and to see that I had no friends. The students, misinformed about me by their own commission of low wrongs, serviced the worm McCartney.


The media, aware that hatred can just as easily be wed to non-violence as love have closed ranks to censor the screams caused by their own acts of cold blood and anti-chivalry. One of the most despicable exchanges that came my way was with Kennedy assassination researchers. Reacting in red faces of fury against the comparison I made of my legacy and writing to Twain and Poe they chimed in with venomous hostility intended to justify torture and minimize the injury of child mutilation. Like John Lugerello’s mirth, “No one ever went broke underestimating the taste of the America people,” I was interrupted in describing the darkness of a crime murdering millions (the AIDS Onslaught) when a French Arabian woman began shrieking that I had implied she was not the most beautiful woman in the world!


One of the clearest facts of the company he keeps is that the worm McCartney was always on the side of Gail Burstyn and Franklin Graham. Jimmy Crary was just about born to prove it. Their goal was to rob me of my identity in a war game that is totally illegal by spawn of HitlerReagan. Just to illustrate how devoid of magnanimity they are: what is some battered American girl, driven to abortion by her cheating boyfriend, found that letters from a Jewess set her up in blame for Lennon’s death. She would almost certainly be driven to suicide without intervention. Would she really need the callow and deplorable acts of sadism a vicious Japanese widow, the banshee Ono, is capable of? Sadism in the first degree has been the calling card of the worm McCartney.


I sympathized with what I saw as John Lennon’s riot against a world of lost enthusiasm for the arts, and attempts to be inspirational to kids battling depression and oppressive circumstances. In answer, the syphilis-addled Peter Garble-Gabriel hypnotized an impacted neuroplasm to allegations of date rape. They succeeded in making my admiration for Lennon shameful which in turn positioned those who killed him for profiteer. They used neuroplastic reverberations from the trauma to deter courtroom presentation. The Taliban or out-of-court settlement they organized allowing those who released AIDS to continue smacking us with crimes like anthrax and 911 was leered by the worm McCartney to be a sacred defense of his money that all AIDS victims should honor in good bless. That is was a psychological disarming premeditated by Burstyn’s Generals could have mattered less to the worm McCartney.


Midori Goto and Raymond Mark Mancine worked together on the riddle of the sphinx. Mancine told me a story while I was hostage about media-mafia collusion allowing TV news to get the scoop by knowing in advance where the crime would be staged. In this we hear the snicker of Peter Leo. The worm McCartney received no end of logistics from the Fifth Estate wherefrom the AIDS Onslaught was commanded.


King Crimson’s insanely brutal violence achieved a qualitative shift in human nature for the worst. Their idea of enlightenment is to diminish to irrelevance the rest of our lives. The man who hates King Crimson is the man who cares about his child.


Violent abuse of a deaf poet gave rise to judgment and doctrine from the worm McCartney. What does the worm McCartney need concern himself for the masses when he is after one truth, one dream, one sullen, ferocious British grasp upon the Iron Curtain of media?

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