Dear Lawrenceville Bulletin

Dear Lawrenceville Bulletin,

I am writing to you again about an issue that may be a little familiar to you since I have brought it up with you before as a resident of the Lawrenceville District.

Obscene crime was visited upon me with terrible injuries causing lifelong agony still forty years later, disability and relentless tragedy. The fact that the criminals got away with this shows that our children are not safe in Allegheny County.

If anyone should have been concerned it would have been The University of Pittsburgh, since my father Ryland Wesley Crary was a Naval Veteran of World War Two, Peace Corps leader and Chair of Philosophy of Education there. Instead of helping me or investigating honestly PITT, cruel and indecent to the bitter end, attacked me in a pre-existing, impacted neuroplastic head trauma which they knew was there because they put it there experimentally through Neurobehavioral Researchers William Wattenmaker of the Highland Park Gang, the Guttersnipes.

PITT knew because they had his research papers. They weaseled that if they could incapacitate me and make me look very confused and very badly they would win. So in the utmost loathsomeness, they attacked me in an injury I did not even know was there and then misdiagnosed it deliberately so others would deny it, too. It now throttles in my facial nerve for all the world to see. In short, The University of Pittsburgh took the child of one of their prestigious liberal educators hostage with paint thinner, beatings, pedophile humiliation and LSD for a project of VIVISECTION.

Most people know that far from being granted attorney or a proper police review, I have been shut out, threatened and subject to Federal intimidation. Permit me to explain how PITT’s procedural advance made this outrage possible for them. They did this under everybody’s noses and then acted as though I were the only one, so it is okay. They have not stopped. To make a mockery of the unrelenting torment that I am in from their brutal injuries, they hired a call girl, an attack prostitute, undercover named Rosa. I thought she loved me and offered her my hand in marriage. When she accepted I was overjoyed. I thought something had gone right. I had no idea what I was in for, or how I had set myself up for a cataclysm that left me screaming on the streets of destitution and homelessness when they detonated the neuroplasm to watch it explode.

Probably you realize that although I have not lived a charmed life, I have done some things of interest. After we got the hell out of East Liberty in 1974, I managed, despite deafness, to have a banner year at Allderdice with straight A’s, just as I am a straight A student today at the Community College of Allegheny County. I won a Pennsylvania Governor’s School Scholarship for my poetry. Even when homeless, my best verses were written and appeared in Real Change Newspaper of the City of Seattle, where I suffered still more indignities because of the long arm of Carnegie Mellon. So, it may surprise you, but I travelled about three hours from here to West Virginia and played music one weekend with Robert Fripp of King Crimson. He was interested in me for a hitchhiking adventure I took in 1979 the summer after graduating from Allderdice to St. Louis to hear him play. Had I thought about it more clearly I would have realized he was a British extremist beyond the reach of the law. When he and PITT chauvanistically worked together to degrade and humiliate me, the violence was Johnny Rotten.

They based their thrill kill on a break-up in high school with the Valedictorian of Ellis, a charmer of the Jewish Establishment, Leslie Katz. Everyone from my father on down when they heard the story of her behavior told me, “that had to have hurt.” Was I out of bounds in writing about it? PITT employered her father. Her mother continued to give me rides home. I worked in the Medical Library for years after the letters I sent to her. If PITT was honest and cared about my safety and happiness they could have recommended a psychologist. They didn’t have to come after me in bitter street violence to intimidate me ruthlessly with Leslie Katz as their Guardian Angel.

Leslie had authored a cover story for horrific criminal child abduction in a game for Washington, D.C., and as a prank, PITT and Fripp struck me down with Rosa. These were illegal politics, masked as a community crusade. They did more than pick on me. They left me devastated for life. Jeannie Tamburro, a deaf girl with Downs Syndrome who works at Lawrenceville Goodwill taught me sign language, intervened to protect me from the lies of Leslie Katz, observed without hesitation that I am a danger to no one, and for her many kindnesses was set upon and brutally raped by the road show Machiavellians who Fripp organized at Carnegie Mellon. They made a joke of it in their campus wide publication The Student Union, wearing vile masks of terror in their hideous lampoon. I got private messages from Fripp’s gang saying things like, “Did they use a ball gag?”

The assassins who have struck more than twice are clearly pun masters. They set it up as a play on the idea of giving peace a chance. They tortured me as a child to get at my father, thinking oh, man, he’s supposed to be Liberal Mr. Education. Wait until they see the education we give his son! It’s out of the question for Pittsburgh Police to investigate this odious child mutilation and trafficking ring, a police pedophile film syndicate from all appearances. So they have set about deliberately confusing people as to what really happened to restrict community research into a war game that threatens all of our children in Public Schools. For nothing will they stop.

One of the reasons I ended up in so much trouble is that I put this into a political context. Many people do not know, even in the anti-war movement, that the French mission in Indochina which embroiled us in the Vietnam War was started when the French were allies of the Japanese in Vietnam because of the pro-Hitler Vichy Government in Paris after the Occupation. French fascism, I learned as a Medical Library Clerk turned to detective work by the appearance of AIDS is also behind the failure to warn about AIDS being man-made, which I proved in U.S. District Court where they ruled, “Unable to establish jurisdiction.” Peter Gabriel adopted their sang froid about deliberate transmission in order to cover for a war game from CMU in which I was used as a guinea pig for testing in a high-risk experiment. This war game was shown to have been pre-meditated. I do not have AIDS, but they have actually slasher murdered a woman named Shannon Harps outside the Clubhouse in Seattle as a warning if I do not obey Fripp’s stricture against further romantic encounters. I have been alone 25 years.

I have said in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette many times that the greed of the Reagans is not the charismatic glory they claimed, but mania. It is one thing to have a right to $50,000 dollars dresses and another to tie that right to the power and willingness to destroy the world by nuclear inferno. The Beatles, who managed to get hold of this story by dint of Fripp’s social mobility, brought in atrocious student hate criminals from CMU to mock the idea that I was tortured. These are pitiless drug fiends who came here as advocates for the aggressor lobby, hissing that using LSD and inhalants was not torture, even if forced upon me as a crying grade school child in torment of fear from brutal poundings by armed men. The Beatles came as drug fiends attempting to justify it, to loot and despoil.

PITT realizes that when I came to them on October 17, 1993, at their invitation, where they arrested me for trespassing after I sat down, that I was reporting evidence in John Lennon’s murder found during an investigation into the origin of AIDS. The decadents in the Palace of London, like Peter Gabriel, have already taken the French fascist road. They have given a craven ultimatum to Pittsburgh to do the same. Beyond showing you the political dimension and supplying access to my research, there’s virtually nothing I can do, but I am asking that someone who does care show some sympathy for my pains to protect Our Commonwealth by showing some consideration for my desire to have a measure of safety and happiness, which admittedly is virtually impossible, given the severe trauma and injury obviously leading towards wrongful death. The least you can do is lower the level of spite in recognition of my efforts to keep you advised.

James MacRyland Crary
deaf person

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