An Unauthorized Investigation into Illegal Research

I’m told that my unauthorized letters are as difficult to read as they are to write, making them worthless paper. The medium is the message in more ways than one, because the strategy of those who mutilated and poisoned me was monsterization of the white liberal. In success, sexy is a requirement, and there’s nothing sexy about being a victim of torture. Making the white liberal unattractive was a central purpose behind the total war victory of those shown by my work to have started the AIDS Onslaught, after killing Kennedy, King and Lennon, to name the visible trio.   Their successful operation claimed that if I was unable to carry the torch of wild loyalty achieved by this trio politically, that the message of my investigation should just be forgotten and I should be punished and scorned for even trying to present my views. The monsterization of a reporter then was the method whereby the AIDS Holocaust was maintained as a total war victory.


The AIDS Combine worked extremely hard creating a philosophy of war, an explanation of purpose, an appeal to victims, empowerment of survivors and narrative for entertainment in order to bargain their way past outrage and fear into central command as a fait accompli. They hold the power economically and demand tribute in the form of engagement with their argumentation. In fact, they positioned their own victims to enthrall with loveslavery at the telling of the story in private quarters where my essays do get around, far beyond the understanding of students.


Mr. Douglas of Buffalo, N.Y. once told me in support of apartheid, “if you try to help Black people they will only turn on you.” It certainly did work that way as a strategy for the AIDS Combine, but it wasn’t a very simple manipulation the sharks responsible engineered. The real goal wasn’t to recruit Blacks anyway, it was the manipulation of Seattle Queers, but Blacks were already involved in the military attack of AIDS so their example was important in setting the stage for Queer approval of the operation.


New evidence in John Lennon’s murder was found during an investigation into the origin of AIDS which is enough to tell you the masterplan. Why it hasn’t been investigated properly by anyone but me is a more complex problem in the establishment of our colleges and jurisprudence downtown. There is a great deal of aversion towards this topic.


The Black Action Group at CCAC to whom a copy of this letter is scheduled to arrive, cannot really be relevant by ducking the issues of historic progress and regress. When you stop praising political action groups for being confederates they go ballistic. Everyone at CCAC is aware that my co-workers in the library, both Black, Terri Ledbetter and Wilma Coon, demanded notes from me as a deaf employee which they used to help Rosa, hired by Peter Gabriel, to humiliate me and attack me in a brutal neurotrauma impacted by Ku Klux Klansman who tortured and molested me as a child when papers were sent to me intended to set me up for race utility in the AIDS operation.


The reason the AIDS Combine was so bold as to leave their papers out in plain view is because for one thing they already have the upper hand economically and for another they think it is fun to match wits with those who cannot find lawyers or represent themselves. The injuries they inflicted on me are extremely serious and highly visible, yet Pennsylvania society recognizes no obligation whatsoever to investigate or seek remedy. Seattle Government was disposed to punish my attempts to get help and lured me with cold-blooded promises of safety when their intent was to commit further serious bodily harm, to my heart, my stomach, my reproductive organs and my spirit. Peers were a major factor in the success of the AIDS abomination. They’ve never liked me.


The idea of physical confrontation with the U.S. Government on the Executive level is a laugh. For one thing the ringleaders of the Civil Rights Movement were only too happy to cut a deal for power with Obama in return for complicity in AIDS. Once that was accomplished little more needed be said. Even if someone could be found to fight for the Queers, the Queers themselves in Seattle were induced into the Obama camp and have committed acts of murder in defense of their historic stake in justifying cooperation in a war game which involved failure to warn and liberation of the guilty in return for various tokens of Queer advancement, much as Obama cut his deal. The Combine cut its deal with the Queers of Seattle primarily by offering them a few token status symbols, approval from Prince McCartney, the egging on from Yoko Ono, a few token innocent targets of miscarriage as glories of war, and by schooling them in false witness and ideological premises that they used to support their stupidity with gunboat diplomacy, most notoriously the slasher homicide of Shannon Harps outside the Seattle Clubhouse where I took refuge, much of it at the instigation of Black Panther leadership in the Green Party, notoriously Aaron Dixon and Rosa Clemente, whose malicious hand was felt at CCAC when their sexual assassin Rosa Monteleone arrived for Peter Gabriel in 1992. This crime has a long time span, using me for slave labors now 40 years.


Seattle Queers are notorious for stabbing those who tried to help them in the back. Thus Mr. Douglas was espousing the masterstroke of the AIDS Combine, to eliminate testimony by securing hatred for detective work. The Union at CCAC were very effective in putting a stop to testimony. The Allegheny View stopped printing information and I was viciously defiled as a young painter in love with someone Peter Gabriel sent undercover as an attack prostitute to discredit me because The Beatles went along with AIDS, the ugliest backstab in human history. Peter Gabriel personally lied to my face and wrote the alibi for Mt. Desert Island, proven to have been a premeditated war game, which he lied and called a Scared Straight Program. The Beatles, led by Diamonda Galas shrieked that anyone who was bright enough to see what they were doing should be bullied, terrorized with AIDS, scared insane by ripper attacks and forced to eat stool and vomit to prove their higher motive of affinity and sympathy for the afflicted and bereaved. Obviously, faced with vilification by the mentally disturbed among the victim environment any sane person would balk and back out and that excludes all hope of getting testimony to the public so that the public can protect themselves.


In other words, Queer strategists isolated the victims and made it so that our civil defenses must include protecting ourselves from the victims, a fact that must never be spoken, because the testimony can be identified and punished by the usual methods of poison crime. Behind this criminal activity in defense of Reagan was Sean Strub who gave himself AIDS and went to the Dakota to watch Mark Chapman shoot John Lennon, then grandstanding before the Press gave himself notoriety in the Green Party. Having adopted the idea that the AIDS confession by Gail Burstyn of Bryn Mawr, a partner of Strub, was a spoils and race fight over victim status, the Beatles campaigned to convert failure to warn into a sordid narrative about Reagan being victimized and fooled. The whole thing is purportedly okay and even steven because Reagan didn’t know. The fact that he did know doesn’t get past the Iron Curtain of the Beatles diplomacy in Clinton Era media.


So the case is won for the AIDS Combine. Who were the greater victims of Reagan, little Jimmy on whom they planted the scroll by Gail Burstyn or the Queers who went along with AIDS is a question used to brutally cover for the war game on Mt. Desert Island in a decisive victory for British traitors in the rock music empire: failure to warn. John Lennon himself was notorious for the comment, “I’ll take the young and healthy.” If I tried to say that Seattle would fall upon me as food.


Will Zell Broome on Mt. Desert Island, a white Nazi who Gabriel lied to defend, literally threatened me with injection of HIV, but more pressingly he was talking about, “a scheme to transform the human race by injecting the blood, “ before securing a job at Jackson Immunogenetics and luring me to Mt. Desert Island in a war game depredating on my deafness for the purpose of setting me up as a high-risk candidate to generate a mandatory AIDS testing precedent case in a war game the planning for which predated the appearance of AIDS. Caspar Weinberger lived on Mt. Desert Island. The men who tortured me as a child were led by men also named Ronald and Caspar. That was 1974.


In an attempt to justify and cover up that I was tortured as a child, the Union at CCAC worked with Obama in claiming that my physical agony from an impacted neuroplasm was actually obsession for virginity. Slanderous politics hit a new low here at CCAC. Since lovemaking with Rosa was practical on the level of providing a sooth against the metabolic agony of the injury, Obama made his case with this bizarre attack on a Frankenstein injury impacted by Neurobehavioral Researcher William Wattenmaker in a crime documented by Gail Burstyn as being part of the AIDS program. When Rosa character assassinated me by ripping open the neuroplasm at a time when PITT knew it was there because they implanted it and I did not, she sent me screaming into the streets of homelessness from seizures, making me a great sport of mockery before campus women.


Obama’s attache Peter Gabriel then ruled that I was entitled only to slave for the amusement of Seattle Queers or they would make good on the injection threat issued by Will Zell which they dramatized with the slasher murder of Shannon Harps organized by Seattle Queers working a psychological operation. Seattle’s Green Party is made up of the usual ogres who are plutocrats trapped in poverty turned into monsters of the Wobbly pickets, much as the various frauds in Pittsburgh tend to be.


I have already explained what I would do if I won a lawsuit. I would leave. I do not recognize the legitimacy of this horrid ordeal. It is an illegal assignment and criminal intrigue. Many answers are coming to light about how Obama and the Beatles closed ranks to cover for Reagan and manipulated a blackout. All of them point to a horrific menace from Britain. Although the British Government did all this in the name of John Lennon, it was much more a power move by Queen Elizabeth in her friendship with Billy Graham. John Lennon was part of a very exciting arts scene which is one of the privileges for young people living in the West. You would have expected Pittsburgh to be more supportive of my efforts. Instead you find that the Warhol Museum and Carnegie were in on Gail Burstyn.

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