Legalizing the Truth

Due to experience that should never have happened, one sentence of my writing contains more of educational value than all of your college degrees. For this reason you should attend to my words religiously.

Mark Nordenberg’s historic claim to be the sacred keeper of the nature of reality is understood far and wide to be referring to the way that the child of his Educational Department’s Chair of Philosophy was kicked in the face and brutally poisoned by kidnappers and then murderously defamed and sexually assaulted by PITT for trying to get help. That’s not only the long and short of it, Nordenberg knew it meant that and more when he sniggered about it in the 80’s much to my disappointment and sorrow. That of course was just the beginning. Nordenberg wangled a regional fetish for torture and child mutilation all the way from HitlerReagan to Ringo Starr, while getting Amnesty International gyrating in murderous syphilitics about something they called a Blackbelt in Feminism. From the Catholic Plutocracy, Nancy Reagan strutted forth in a miracle dress with Midori Goto as servant of Ozporn. The Hitlers had come again to McChrystal’s Ball with a superwave mindfornicator from Holy Warriors in Pink Floyd, the cream of dastards, Pink Floyd with Colin Powell, to do horrorshow by ruthless attack on a pre-existing neurotrauma.

Impunity has never ridden so high, nor gurgled so insufferably. Naturally, since the falseface Americans in civil prominence, twisted with lies that have become deeper and more cutthroat with every year from the signal attack by Hitler in Argentina that took place in Dealey Plaza, have never cared about our legal system, and who laugh at my castration that God has spoken through the AIDS Onslaught, they are titillated quite naturally to mirth bordering on a strange sort of affection that treason has promenaded loudly in the Wall Street Journal, while God has taken a mighty toll in the street, and the Bar Association have been seen for ravenous pathetics, when not outright animals, cringing in bloodoath to carrion birds without so much as a bruise to present as evidence of coercion in excusing their revolting cowardice. Making no attempt to repulse the elected loop responsible, they fall in line behind the nature of reality, raping deaf Jeannie as a prism of divine truce, authored by corporate misconduct.

Beyond being the only explanation, they smile as the soap opera churns towards the usual appointments in futility.

I do not repeat myself as much as detractors unlearned in the content, density and swath of my corpus contend, which not only contains a presentation of the horrors in the soul of Hitler’s revenge, much of it from our allies concoctering, but also reflects some of the brutal fortissimo poundings administered, and the near fatal confusion and crying shame of a victim of such humiliation. For this reason, I call upon our nation’s universities to secure the full text, and assign Rhodes Scholars to its affirmation, with special prosecutors empowered to function properly around such criminal issues of negligence such as why what was repeated had to be in the first place.

Just as the Nazis in Germany got away with using the mentally ill for vivisection, the legal system in Pennsylvania has ignored screams and body count while allowing a broad daylight abomination. They recognize no obligation to halt, investigate or prosecute terror hate crime. Only and forever the eye of suspicion and potential reprisal falls upon the victim. Ralph Proctor, my teacher of History, is one of the only people I can genuinely stand, frankly, being realistically graphic about the historic crimes in America towards people who did no harm, Native or African descent. What we do in the world at large is never stifled in his lectures. It’s not that I enjoy exposure to the mean and degrading, but that I have learned the suffocation caused by those who lie without shame.

The crime towards me was fulfilled on the peer level. King Crimson and PITT had not the slightest hesitation to use the fact that I have an impacted head trauma, by them, to their advantage among students who wouldn’t have had the slightest capacity to comprehend, misleading them to doing such damage to themselves that several past detractors have actually gawked at the miscarriage when they’ve come across me in anguishing agonies from the neuroplastic churning on the subways and buses, or casting sidelong glances at this haole from the past across the room in the class. It has slowly sunk in to a very small few that Rosa is a war criminal.

Stealing from me completes the perfect crime. Although it is a sad and bitter end to a fiasco, I wonder how anyone could think my mounting a train with ten millions dollars with a bottle of Ciailis one way to Los Vegas amounts to anything less or more than a token figment of justice. The opposition are corporate slashers who allowed AIDS to spread in order to empower their political tokens. They in Praetorian Queer defense of those who started AIDS and launched a hideous debacle under the Iron Curtain of Prince McCartney are very determined to say that the injury of AIDS negates child mutilation when I reported what I comprehended as soon as I could. Brian Eno’s brainy tribalism, as vicious a stringpulling as ever conceived by Oxford in Palace, is a brutal fight to call a persona real and identity crime a government perogative as a lesson to serfs. The Beatles are the perfect weapon. Even after AIDS, our fascist society refuses to understand.

They shot John Lennon and then claimed they loved him. Once I realized the sadism of her game, I concentrated very hard on stopping the hatred I felt for Midori Goto, not just the love, because the illusion of redemption is her most powerful weapon.

We’ll talk soon about the shootings in Russia of Anna Politkovskaya and Boris. The goal was to cancel all hope for escape. This deadly statement is on arrive under Obama in the narrative of thumbscrews. People call me long-winded, waiting for the Dragnet ending, but the super-reality is that my appearance on Peter Gabriel’s SO implies the complicity of the FCC. No man has the right to remain silent when they use neuroplastic extrusion. Rosa is an assassin. Taking twenty five years by Frankenstein means from the love life of a lusty young man is a ridiculous act of crime. As a methodical stand-in for what AIDS did to a swath of people, it is as brazen as can be, but my actions are no longer Class Actions. Queers made sure they got away.

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