Lao Tzu in the Kingdom of Sex

Having a lot to say and no one to say it to is attended by the suffocating feeling of defeat that child molesters had hoped it would be. Whenever a Pittsburgh attorney, counselor, politician or teacher is forced to acknowledge the intensity of the fact that my father Ryland was Chair of Philosophy of Education at the University of Pittsburgh, our city’s largest employer, they suffer a taste of that chagrin as they eye me with guilt, aware of the burden of a long, uncontestable tragedy, a victim of crime so ruthless that the legal structure of Pittsburgh is completely shattered by its own cowardice. The problem is not really the mask of denial this city wears.


When the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette dishonorably taunted me as a victim of terrible SADISM in the lead up to Mt. Desert Island by putting my father on trial as a Red Witch they were not engaging in satire, far from it. Yoko Ono and her attorneys, working Reagan, had psychologically predicted that I would respond with the mortification of sarcasm, while they orchestrated similar group feelings to the stigma boom of the AIDS Onslaught, pursuant the sale of a liberal as top sacredly to blame. The Great Backstab was clear evidence of prior meditation in the extermination.


Nazism as a cosmic jest is the Reagan style, but before he could do it safe and sure he wanted to be good and certain that the Democratic Party was with him in the flight from Kennedy and back to Wallace in blackface. Clinton was in. Obama was groomed.


Bill Clynnton comes from a eugenic lineage in the Deep South where sexual sadism among redheaded Southern Baptists is a sport in the woods beyond the golf courses. Bill Clinton was not hesitant to set foot in Germany. My father Ryland, by contrast, suffered so much revulsion at what the Nazis did within the living memory of my mother Nancy that he even routed around their airspace as a prestigious proponent of public education.. He did not, in other words, like Reagan, take a wreath to Bitberg-Belsen or curry favor for the depraved symbolism among monstrous Stalinists masquerading as Gandhi in their quisling hypocrisy. The grime on the tongues of King Crimson is not the stuff of poetry.


Bill Clinton in other words used to work up a naked sweat with prime Horst Wessels as Queer Wardens. He loved the slapping of masculine flesh on masculine flesh. As Time Magazine revealed this week of the Spring Eclipse his only preference to limousine menage-es-quatre among his billionaire buddies is the sordid rapture of forcing juvenile heads in toilets for crossing his wifey, beating up little dumplings to within an inch of their life, castrating dissent after murderous reprisals for reporting gang murder paid for and sponsored by Hillary for President.


These are evil days.


James Crary was castrated by a soulless Executive for closure on a brutal libel Clinton dreamed up, conjured indecently, manufactured, scripted and sold as a cover story for the ghastly truth about Mt. Desert Island, and the sickening, malicious weasel to blame is Robert Fripp of King Crimson who was given great intimacies showing an impacted neuroplasm about which he lied. Contrary to the evil of this war criminal, the existence of the AIDS virus does not normalize child mutilation. It makes it worse. This foreign punk, representing Queen Elizabeth in his prancing, allowed and encouraged AIDS to spread so it would empower his tokens and his Queer ranks in line around political correctness, standing as Praetorians to ward off flirting with Japanese princesses, are in fact agents of Franklin Graham working a deception among Seattle Queers who were panting to be taken by the Nazis behind AIDS in their yearning for fatherly love.


If the F.B.I. folded in this magical disgrace from Peter Gabriel and Prince McCartney, if Pittsburgh Police snickered, school authorities averted their eyes while sorority sisters rolled theirs, it was nothing compared with the response of the Civil Rights Movement and the Queers to the horrible beastiality of Gail Burstyn which they endorsed as beneficiaries of slasher pedophiles. In the name of confiscating a deranged narrative they let it be grabbed by frustrated Africologists offered Bush powers of storytelling by explosions of terrorism. Bush patted the heads of the sickening weasels behind 911. In an obscenely juvenile, but bloodthirsty pile on, the Black Community took action to make good and sure that Will Zell Broome held the upper hand. They were party to the horrible suffering of a romance attack on an impacted neuroplasm, ignoring my valor in the fight against racism.


The Black Community worked with the Ku Klux Klan lie after lie.


When Cornell West calls Obama a Wall Street pimp, it’s just a trick. He wants to force you to choose sides. They were partners. They remain partners in the terrible adoption of Black Gangster Nazism into the hardened ranks of White Ghouls always known to be capable of political murder, and they didn’t stop there. Seattle Queers had a white girl slashered.


In their outreach to White Nazis in Pittsburgh, Black Panthers in Seattle and their Queer rippers had used Seattle psychiatry to find closure by castration in an act they say does honor to my father who they sneer I have misrepresented. In their horrid and putrid refusal to acknowledge their alliance with Will Zell Broome they have lied to and misled everyone. They see it as a game of extoring copyright and tribute from a victim of child mutilation and horror hate crimes from on high, but the measure of their true evil can be found in the fact that not one barista in Aaron Dixon’s neck of the woods, not one of them, has ever heard a word of truth about the discovery of Lennon murder papers in an AIDS investigation. It just wouldn’t do to have a public hearing now that the facts about the Black Panthers are known. So he misleads them by blackout, how typical of a street crime Stalinist.


Obama is a brutally despicable liar to his own people.


When an online voice named Roland warned me of enemies and sneered that my words suggest I just want to win and care nothing about justice, he plays the final hand of the AIDS Combine in the name of Mercy Hospital. These terrible cowards would not dream of helping someone who was molested if they couldn’t suck on the pain for some money. The whole identity crime scam was to example a victim of child mutilation and gang rape by tying them up for last licks through needle threats in demands for settlement money derived by identity crime for Queers who lied through the teeth so they could spread AIDS and still call themselves victim.


I was their plaything and ragdoll.

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