The Landslide of Sour Grapes

James, then a fan of King Crimson, was said to be healing wrong from heartbreak and laughing out of turn.   Researchers will immediately detect a brutal sophomore doctrine surrounding the circumstances revealing that AIDS is manmade. This fact greatly exceeds passing interest. Fundamentalist military scientists controlling the root values and final loyalties of mostly conservative students, corralled the ideological exceptions on the left through collegiate rejection of a deaf poet in a state of dizziness and confusion, to say nothing of fear.   These martial ingenues had categorically selected me as the child of a humanist to example by torture and scapegoat by race. Reagan had the loyal backing of British rock eccentrics and the warmaking class of heavy metal, united by the seething of Joan Baez over a crying letter to Leslie Katz. The murder of my heroic father by the dominant faction at PITT plays out in the warped alert status brought towards me at CCAC. Caustic disputation about the death of my father is gravely shadowed by the colossal lies of PITT about what was done to me.


The evidence proves that the feminazi beatlemaniacs at Carnegie Mellon who enlisted CCAC with the help of Pitt’s dumpling Rosa are liars, fashioned into an iron curtain by the alliance of the Beatles with those who started AIDS. The evidence shows that my so-called jealous were a result of terrible screams of hidden suffering that they knew was being caused by a congestive nerve agent before I even knew it was there. Targeting it to further contempt and discredit after viciously poisoning me with the personality change toxin, is the most terrible thing ever done by an academic institution, a horrible crime that is also proof of atrocity. At this stage I’m just trying not to die from the untreatable, near lethal injuries, a fact that accounts for my overtime working, since the issue is too important to leave to others who might not have the freedom, the will, the understanding, the witness solarity, to proceed akimbo.


What makes me hate Robert Fripp is that he pranced around saying he was an ethical person, pirohuetting that he should be regarded with credence as sincere, even mythologized as a super-truther, objective to the point of sainthood, and then he withheld exculpatory evidence, full-knowingly, and in cold-blood, destroyed evidence and dared upon deadly reprisals analyzing his sick, unprovoked and murderous decrees. In Pitt’s hemorrhage of evil together they spewed mountains of lies to generate a hideous quest for closure built on the ruination of an innocent child, which they dubbed malediction and therapy despite its origin with Gail Burstyn. Understanding what she is and the game she played with Sean Strub if even acknowledged by the Fifth Estate would be a dramatic moratorium on the Clinton/Obama palace.


The egos of the celebrity superstate elite are a worm ourobourus that even if self-consuming reignites again reborn as a phoenix, lie after cowardly lie. You cannot shake charisma and enigma. It’s what empowered both Hitler and N’Dour. The radical element on Pittsburgh campuses often is the Godspell crowd undercover, and this faction of Lennon-killers were monolithically supported by Ringo Starr when it came to James. Crowning themselves the shamans of terrible fear, they engaged and angled towards deviant intimacy. The Beatles and Pitt both knew the magnitude of torture in what was being done to me, and that the neuroplasm, as a factual injury inflicted through child mutilation trauma, fundamentally as a legal pivot should have created a turning point and had the potential not only to exonerate me by expose their hand and thinking, the poisoning of vice, a dire statement in the context of an AIDS inquiry. That is why I was functionally prevented and forbidden to make a film of the neuroplasm until 2008. By then it was out of reach of a law that had already foreclosed on my civil rights with denial of representation, acknowledgement or police protection from SADISM.


The crimes by the Beatles are totally unforgivable. They have turned on a friend and made it a civic ultimatum, into a fight for the loyalty of the world. The Beatles should be defendants before AIDS Nuremberg as Class A War Criminals for turning us on ourselves in defense of atrocitarians. How much of this was planned all along?


My mother took me on a Ban the Bomb March in 1962. In 1967 we supported Jimmy Joe Robinson’s bid for City Council. 1968 struck like a special education and strung along until 1972 when war weary America took another approach and I was bombarded by Pitt’s hitmen the Pitmans. You can see the twisted language sophistication throughout the script of HitlerReagan’s journeymen. Despite all this civil peace activity and my years of contemplative inspiration about King Crimson, they sought only to harm me, molest me, break me down, sabotage recovery, terrorize and injure my friends. They sabotaged my entire life with piratanical espionage meant to abet the fascist warlord overthrow. These murderers could think of only one thing ~ facelying towards total humiliation in dreadful, horrendous backstabblery and doublecross for the wreaths of Bitberg-Belsen and they still expect to live down the rape of a deaf girl with Downs Syndrome by helping those who started AIDS threaten people with its injection, calling satanic slasher homicide therapy, enforced by the sour grapes of Seattle who didn’t want to see a deaf poet leading an enlightment.


All of British hopes are pinned on the sour grapes of peers, sneering that I was the one of sour grapes. The Royalist findings were a real hot parlor party, to secure observation that the rabble would rather cheer their own assassins than give up a ragdoll in their rotweiler jaws, tossed them for the catharsis of gnawing cowhooves. Penis Fripp went for my heartbeat. All of this cruelty has to considered admissible evidence of their Crimson Scientology being behind the murder of Martin Luther King and the hand of Aleister Crowley in the Death Row of Beatles fever-making. Cheated of life by the acts of the Pitmans, tortured horribly for being right, I am sickened and cold from frightening health failures, living with forgetfulness from the ethers long ago used to inflict embryonic repose.


Unable to accept that they are supporting those who started AIDS by abusive SADISM of a variety dark cast, they renew their abuses with intensified cruelty. This is the vicious circle the Beatles put all their power, loyal support, brilliant sycophants to work securing into manufacture by persona, or identity crime. They lied spiritually and created a torrential cesspool for the devouring of pain by counter-claim in victim-on-victim chicken fights. What an evil set of men: they used that violent music for all it could kill.


King Crimson are a Nazi part of the Reagan Revolution. Going from Martin Luther King to King Crimson a generation lost face. King Crimson embodies the tragedy of how our society went off-course. Their own self-loathing speaks volumes, the holocaustal cruelty of hate crime they subjected one who loved them. From this they gleaned a spectrum of psychic management all mapped out by Gail Burstyn for their fiendish arrive, if indeed they weren’t in on it all along.


The Green Party and 711 Drug Union gang were part of the Martial Law takeover. Their brand of anti-communism was not informed by democratic principles, it was informed by the scapegoat horrors that make the marginalized into Jews, and this time the Jews escaped by a masterplan aimed at someone else. At best the Supreme Court would be tried for juvenility.


Tom Ammons is at CCAC? Is he in trouble? Is he too at the mercy of those monsters who gassed me? They re-appeared at the church of MisterRogers and in the Ammons Labor crew. Or is he one of the monsters from WQED? I personally may never know, but it is one of the right questions.

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