Are You All Wolves?

I have learned something about Foreign English, or Britain as they call themselves, in their Hitlerian doublecross. These rabid, murdering pigs, professing to be my friends, hissing derisive facelies like, “I love you, man,” led by arcane, spine-tingling neon prophets like Peter Gabriel and Robert Fripp, contacted me, put me on one of their rock […]

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The Ballad of Hidden Walrus

Our Modern American History has unfortunately been found by ruins and script to have been ghostwritten by Adolf Hitler and it is time to start undoing our complicity in this outrage. The women of our people evidently secretly admired Hitler for killing JFK. Kennedy was only half a man trying to hide his womanizing behind […]

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Clouded Minds, Inc.

In the mythic annals of war for some societies the brutal practice of rape is considered fitting tribute to the right of conquest. Bigoted war machines are the worst in this respect and rape is normalized by societies like Ringo Starr and Nazi Germany. While the troops under Eisenhower held themselves to a gentleman standard […]

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I Speak For Everyone

I’ve been told from many sources that the University of Pittsburgh Administration has received lengthy and strongly worded assurances from pimps in the British rock industry that no one believes, understands or cares about what I have reported concerning their cloaking devices covering dark activities, so there is no harm in rehearsing the manner in […]

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Allah ‘Bama

Obama is a part of a movement which began with the Kennedy Assassination who regard the Presidency as a Holy Office. Being, in their view, a Holy Office it is the ideal personality cult division from which to launch Holy War uninhibited by legal review. The Holy Executive launched the AIDS Onslaught under HitlerReagan and […]

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King Robert E. Lee Crimson

It is very difficult to understand, I am sure, why I would comply with the neuro-compulsive ultimatum to announce my castration to the world in total humiliation. It seems, I am sure like masochism. When the child-raping Peter Gabriel vowed that he would use force on the hate object to, “wear your inside out,” he […]

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A Reagan Story

The letters of Gail Burstyn were a Hollywood act of war. They wrote a persona about a victim of child trafficking that called me a symbol of the corrupt liberal establishment (at age 12) who cudda saved John Lennon. As though syphilis wasn’t riding high enough already, the British filth in King Crimson justified Gail […]

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Dear Lawrenceville Bulletin

Dear Lawrenceville Bulletin, I am writing to you again about an issue that may be a little familiar to you since I have brought it up with you before as a resident of the Lawrenceville District. Obscene crime was visited upon me with terrible injuries causing lifelong agony still forty years later, disability and relentless […]

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