A Fight With The White House

The fact that atrocity was conducted in broad daylight at The University of Pittsburgh during the Nightmare Years of HitlerReagan and to this hour no one cares is a legacy of bad faith in Our Commonwealth.  It is a fight with The White House that predates Obama, but one in which he has moved with […]

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The Annotated Schizoid Man

Look again at the great backstab, whereby for payola and power Sir McCartney of foreign England confederated with Lennon’s assassins to deceive the AIDS generation in an operation depicted at best as unprovoked Civil War.   In this action the Beatles worked virulently with the fascists behind the Vietnam War, and wetpetted Oliver North cluster as […]

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Was the Good Sheriff Cunning?

Sheriff Eugene Coon of Allegheny County was never the scourge of the Civil Rights Movement that Sheriff Jim Clark of Selma had been, but the North, and Pittsburgh is near the Mason-Dixon line, is a troubled place, and as the evidence that Chancellor Wesley Posvar of PITT, author of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, cheated […]

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The Tremens of Nazgul

In his cowardice, Ringo Starr, a bellicose horror towards those weaker than himself, was forced to invent the sick fantasy of the idea that he was building empathy for the victims by encouraging AIDS to spread and by helping the assassins ride high in atrocity by mayhem, a thickheaded conception that presumes innocent deeply in […]

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On the Curse of Eugenic Pimps

Ringo Starr has enough people who hate me that he can get away with raping my best friend as an underwrite of his alibi for those who started AIDS, but it is still a pathetic and horrible shaman wending his tale by injection queer on behalf of eugenic pimps engaged in pussyball traffic that he […]

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An Open Letter to Tom Wolf

Dear Governor Wolf, Due to past bad experiences in addressing members of the government, you will forgive me if I make this an Open Letter and share it with others. You seem to be an honest and courageous man, if such a thing is possible in Pennsylvania Government during these tragic times. My father was […]

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Here, There and Tonight

The question of whether a Death Penalty can attend the right to a personal, unbiased opinion has yet to be settled under the Taliban jurisdiction of Obama’s United States.  In examining the horrifying abduction and marriage licensed mutilation of a grandchild from the Post-Dispatch by Post-Gazette mind jesters of civil mayhem like Peter Leo in […]

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The Obamas have created a paradigm of sadistic massacre directed at testimony about the Salk Research team operating out of Pittsburgh universities behind the AIDS onslaught that uses for its gimmick a series of caustic defenses that Clinton has long claimed justify atrocity and failure to warn. These cover up ruses also provide much-needed comic […]

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