Exhibits in GD-14-023216 Crary vs. Univ. of Pgh.

Exhibit One:  Letter of compassion and remorse from Mayor Peduto.
Exhibit Two:  Letter from Gail Burstyn illustrating a “purple disc thingo”.
Exhibit Three:  Enlargement.
Exhibit Four:  Letter from little Jimmy after overdose on powerful LSD laced with military nerve agent.
Exhibit Five:  Letter from Burstyn naming Ian Wattenmaker, brother of Neurobehavioral Researcher William Wattenmaker, member of the Guttersnipes gang.
Exhibit Six:  Blow up of letter showing the words, “hint hint”.
Exhibit Seven:  Blow of letter calling Wattenmaker, “a derf”.
Exhibit Eight:  Blow up of letter showing personality change in the derf.
Exhibit Nine:  Humanizing the School by Ryland Crary
Exhibit Ten:  Foundations of Modern Education by Ryland Crary
Exhibit Eleven:  Photo of Ryland Crary
Exhibit Twelve:  Photo from the USS San Jacinto of men dressed up as pirates.
Exhibit Thirteen:  Cover of CMU newspaper during the political action:  The Sex Issue.
Exhibit Fourteen:  Shh! Illustration issue.
Exhibit Fifteen:  Facial distortion issue.
Exhibit Sixteen:  Criminal Psychotic Cover issue
Exhibit Seventeen:  Photo of little Jimmy
Exhibit Eighteen:  Photo of Crary after long ordeal of homelessness
Exhibit Nineteen:  Pitt New article titled:  IT HASN’T GOT A CHANCE by sports editor Jim Urban
Exhibit Twenty:  Letter from Nancy Moore, Jim’s mother, regarding Peter Gabriel’s obsession with Jim and probable role in the Jackson Labs Fire, as well as clarifying letter by Jim.
Exhibit Twenty One:  Mysticism and the Bomb, canny PITT NEWS article while in the dark about gay ill caroling bursting.
Exhibit Twenty Two:  Zell postcard.. injecting people, positive and negative signs.
Exhibit Twenty Three:  Burstyn Letter:  “only two people would know”.
Exhibit Twenty Four:  King murder letter.
Exhibit Twenty Five:  Lennon murder letter.
Exhibit Twenty Six:  additional Burstyn relics
Exhibit Twenty Seven:  additional Burstyn relics
Exhibit 28:  Didn’t want her face red and blotchy letter
Exhibit 29:  Blackblood mascara letter
Exhibit 30:  Mercy Hospital Newsletter featuring Nancy and Jim on the cover.
Exhibit 31:  The Clubhouse Model pamphlet
Exhibit 32:  Photo of Seattle team
Exhibit 33:  April:  The Month of Joy, newsletter from Seattle
Exhibit 34:  Poetry Book:  Hypotenuse
35:  Certificate of Appreciation from ACORN Recovery Center
36:  Certificate of Appreciation from Amnesty International
37:  Poetry Book:  Tegami
38:  Pencil Drawing
39:  Photojournal of the Chinatown Gate Parade
40:  Celebrated poem:  IRISES
41:  Pitt News article by Ike Shibley, “You give rock a bad name.”
42.  Pitt News article, “Kill the Innocent” by Crary and “Not in Kansas Anymore” by Kevin Bold.  “God, Guns and Rock ‘n Roll” by Crary, “Abolish the Job Description” by Crary, “In Defense of Free Speech” by Crary, “Save the Humans” by Crary (predated the popular legend), “Murmur in the Cathedral” by Crary, “Skinhead Divine Comedy” (an article in defense of Reagan, disproving the outhouse lie that I was framing him).
43:  Bowling in Iceland for Nuclear Proliferation by Chris Hallman, PITT NEWS.
44. Article in PITT NEWS about mysterious Reagan test plan.
45. Comic book:  The District Attorney
46.  Comic book:  La Svengali
47.  In the Court of the Crimson King
Exhibit 48:  Jimmy cartoon from 1970
Exhibit 49:  Protest poster
Exhibit 50:  Protest poster
Exhibit 51:  I am the Walrus envelope by Gail Burstyn
52:  Blow up of King murder letter.
53:  Logo of Neva Corporation
54:  Aliaslittleboy channel Youtube
55:  Reagan didn’t know lampoon
56:  Book:  Hollywood and Hitler
57:  Book:  The Collaboration:  Hollywood’s pact with Hitler
58:  Semiotic clip from Reagan wartime film
59:  Semiotic clips from Storm Warning starring Reagan auguring Dealey Plaza.
60:  Photo of Kennedy motorcade.
61:  Enlargement of Reagan semiotic
62:  Semiotic from Odessa File
63:  NEVA affiliate semiotic.
64.  Aerial view of Dealey Plaza
66:  Neva affilitate semiotic
67.  Neva affiliate logo.
68:  Reagan affiliate semiotic (NEVA affiliate)
69:  Suspicious semiotic
70:  Suspicious semiotic in Oswald Diary Life Magazine 1964
71:  Oswald’s Dec. 7th, I.D.
72:  V + R Planning label (NEVA affiliate)
73:  Pornography article CMU paper
Exhibit 74:  Burstyn letter alluding to female victim
Exhibit 75:  Polygamy Bound by Crary, depicting the profilers at work before Burstyn letters were identified.
76:  The Liar, CMU, unknown author
77:  Violent Pink Asian Cult Cinema Magazine containing letter by Crary
78:  Poster illustrating Midori Goto’s attack
79:  Poster illustrating Youssou N’dour’s alliance with Will Zell
80:  Z Socratic Oath at CMU by Crary, illustrating the brainwash of the assassins in mandatory death cult and blood oath vow.
81:  Galas with slasher knife outside World Trade Building.
82.:  Uncanny Burstyn semiotic from Ayn Rand’s We, the Living with name of Lennon’s last hit single as caption.
83:  Uncanny semiotic alignment.
84:  Film cover, Japanese, 119
85:  Poster protesting 911 and Beatles’ role
86:  119 cover showing rescue of fair maiden
87:  Voices from the Firing Line:  Book, history of Pittsburgh’s Civil Rights Movement
:  Section on the Black Panthers
:  Section on the alliance of Postal Workers
88:  Example of tandem harassment mail
89:  Example of terrorist attack with collusion of Postal Service, heart poison crime, chemical castration, heart threat and premeditation of the slasher murder of Shannon Harps.
90:  Cameron Brown featured in CMU paper
91:  Queer fraternity illustration CMU paper demanding payback
92:  They Killed John article, Crary
93:  Nazi Beatles protest poster
94:  V+R Go/to protest poster
95:  Reagan didn’t know lampoon
96:  Letter from the doorman at the Dakota
97:  Nazi Beatles protest poster Two
98:  Flowchart of the Green Party role in the murder of S.H.
99:  Reverse side of Ryland Crary’s obituary
100:  Lookalikes from the scene of S.H.’s murder
101:  Book of vital records:  James M. Crary
102:  Letter to the D.A.
103:  Cineaste Film Quarterly with letter by Crary
104:  Asian Cult Cinema Magazine with letter by Crary
105:  Semiotic from Hitler and the Beatles, Sgt Pepper, Aleister Crowley
106:  Semiotic from Japan illustrating Obama’s pussyball rampage
107:  Poster illustrating Midori’s role
108:  Pussyball Now, Pussyball forever protest poster
109:  Advanced interest protest poster
110:  Protest Poster about Gabriel
111:  Protest Poster about Reagan’s take on jimmuh qwee
112:  Poster about the Carrot tape
113:  Japanese semiotic:  The Telltale Clip
114:  Three bobbies CMU paper
115:  Beatles Protest poster
116:  Hitler/Lazarus from Franklin Graham book
117:  Esp signals, Gail Burstyn letter
118:  Adolf Crary easter egg item, possible publisher’s project
119:  HIDELL i.d./Oswald
120:  C in the Star of David, NEVA logo
121:  Dixon/PITT NEWS/1987
122:  Moore, secret weapon article, Miami Herald.
123:  Galas and JFK poster
124:  119 poster
125:  Mysterious comment by my mother.
126:  Semiotic analysis
127:  “They Tell Me I Am Wrong”  Burstyn letter
128:  Early attempt to warn
129-130  Storm Warning semiotic
131:  Superfly Semiotic (Ron Priest needle)
132:  Ichiro advertisement, possible lead into celebrity profiler ring
Opposition Attorney:  Leech Tishman/Patrick Malone

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