It’s a matter of record that Yoko Ono’s attorney Amanda Harcourt contacted me in 1985 while I worked at Falk Medical Library and began a correspondence that continued until 1988 on Mt. Desert Island with Peter Gabriel’s road show.  A person cannot, even in this present atmosphere of political hysteria, be locked up for speaking the truth.

Many people in America have risen to power and prominence by lying, unfortunately.  There were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, yet we have been lured into an endless war in the Middle East, with weird new opponents, for listening to Bush.  By contrast there IS evidence that AIDS is manmade, and you can see it very clearly from the evidence posted in

It is warped to say the least to suggest we have a legal system when you attempt to deter a victim of holocaustal crime from addressing the fact into public record or from seeking remedy.  It shows that you vicious men are the contrarians who despise the United States in principle and practice.

Yoko Ono is an extremely vicious person.  She has hired attorneys to ferret out what she deems white lies in order to prosecute a massive horror brutal TOTAL DECEPTION CAMPAIGN.  What she helped her husband’s assassins do to me was worst than true evil.

They brutally set upon me as a child, gave me no place to run but into a pedophile dungeon, laughed at my tears, and called me a model of liberal sexual behavior as part of their endgame.  These murderers were inspired by Japanese monsters.

I will gladly stay from PITT.  They brutally set me up to take my girl from me and then poisoned me from far away through their war machine so that I can’t get horny again.  The criminals SADISTS in King Crimson are very satisfied that they monstrously hurt someone.  They are leaders of the AIDS Combine Subculture in America, both PITT and KIng Crimson.

I have a haunting feeling about the whole set up, too, but I’m not going to hangdog about how I have been burned to death in King Crimson’s PIT.

You must take me for a coward, but you are the biggest cowards I have ever seen.  Anyone who would be afraid of me should have their head examined.

Delusion is a word that excites you very much, however I think you should exercise caution in connecting your idiom structure to an idea that serves to debase a rational and valuable attempt to educate the public about the operation that Reagan and PITT ran with the help of King Crimson in the AIDS Onslaught.

Look briefly at PITT NEWS. In possession we have an article from the 80’s by Chris Hallman (Chris H.) titled: Bowling in Iceland for Nuclear Proliferation. This is quaint and curious. Wesley Posvar had written the Federal Emergency Management Agency plan for Reagan and then invoked it, as a jest, matching the language of the Burstyn script, in calling in James Dubya Child of Bowling Green to corner me in his office while he worked on texts like: Nuclear War: The Moral Dimension. Child (a name that evokes the Little Boy bomb) was on HitlerReagan’s Iceland debate team.

AIDS was a war game clocked to nuclear armageddon by The Hitlers. We also saw the spin witch, Peter Gabriel, for Britain, alibi them on Mt. Desert Island, profess that 911 was maximum escalation for catharsis of the Queers, while exposing Sean Strub as a posseur, agent provocateur outside the Dakota with Mark Chapman. Despite this information both Sean Lennon and Sherman Alexie continued to bang on about Leslie Katz for Posvar’s team, ignoring the brutally impacted neuroplasm that was the cause of my distress, pursuant, “construction of a persona” (Greg Karl), slashering Shannon Harps, again under the bray of “cathartic management.”

While you bang on with your favorite word: delusional, the evidence is clear in PITT NEWS. Pitt knew what was happening and decided to use media as part of an illegal war game, which operated openly, while police administration basically just laughed.

The AIDS Onslaught and the evidence for prior planning is the horror factual text of the nightmare of purpose in blackout by gangs like The New York Times, who expect Cameron Brown to be believed (as a courier for the Beatles psychopaths) in alliance with Sean Strub about Leslie Katz, over the evidence that Katz was a starlet of the Burstyn script meant to establish the parochial rulebook in plague times.

You’re stupid or something, I don’t know why I bother.

They took it to the streets. They didn’t “find” anything. They wrote the letters in question and organized the issue not around Gail Burstyn’s authorship but around my ignorance of their contents. Lewis Lapham is to blame. It must be very satisfying to him to have helped Gail Burstyn with his pathetic, “Nyeah, nyeah!”


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