King Crimson’s Private Penitentiary

King Crimson’s violent support for those who started AIDS raises questions of British Labor Party’s role in the murder of Martin Luther King. Not only was King Crimson very specifically used, it may have been designed to be used by those who released AIDS. Just as the sanitation workers in Memphis arrived at their union by the sacrifice of Dr. King, so was the Black-o-Mr. President a deal for collusion in AIDS. It seems to have been a game for HitlerReagan to induce backknives among the liberal merchants of death.
If AIDS had happened in the 1920’s you probably wouldn’t be surprised to learn that Black tycoons emerged from the tragic soup in Rolls Royce carriages who scammed everyone and made a bundle on their lies. The doctrine that Black Makes Right wouldn’t be so violently enforced by Reagan Labor that a statement of due distress couldn’t be imagined. Reading about the rub-outs in hard times, you’d gasp at the audacity of mopes, and seeing the perpetrators turned into legends by popular history buffs would trouble you. AIDS happened in the 80’s under a giant betrayer, a performer so adroit that in doing nothing but promote the assassins Ronald Wilson Reagan, with the help of his entourage, familiar wax dummies like Muhammed Ali, Ringo Starr and Lewis Lapham painted himself as the victim and got away snickering.
The one person who told the truth, a child mutilated by a brutal police pedophile cinema ring in the City of Pittsburgh was murderously turned upon by the media brokers in the celebrity superstate to which he turned for help.
The Zappas and Larry Flynt had already laid claim to media pizzazz in the AIDS Onslaught and vowed that no one would get any closer unless they were willing to die. The idea of telling the truth was a laugh. American society, informed in the end by the gangsters at LifeLong AIDS Project, pissing from the door of the building, We Did It, okay? Up yours! Grunted, okay, no problem and turned away to groan over the death of Lennon. A-ron, Clinic, man, came ‘a runnin’ with Jesse old Jackson and Seattle Queers with a needle of AIDS infection to threaten anyone who tried to protest, and then claimed they were the victims who had been insulted.
In Pittsburgh, Black forces joined hand to work with Greg Karl and Lisa Miles in attack prostitution for the serial humiliation treatment of the marked man in the performance, hissing that it was due. The Eugenic Union chose as their cultural representative a woman named Rachel, for racial, when they lured the qbutt to Seattle after first rejecting him. What changed their minds? Oh, the rape of deaf Jeaninie. You’re victim enough now, dogeyes. ADWAS, a deaf advocacy group, then said they would help me. They lured me to a homeless shelter, stuck it to me in a slave mission house, while Seattle medical had me chemically castrated by a U.R.N. Obama apparently just couldn’t hack the Leslie Katz gestalt, calling a tauntress a f.b. when she suggested you shudda been more aggressive in her bed. That’s rape! It justifies Mt. Desert Island.
How they pounded and raked the coals, over and over, getting the venoms of Yoko Ono and Gail Burstyn to light where our schools could gasp in amazement at the genius of HitlerReagan. The hope of respite in love and talent, appeals to King Crimson, was ripper backknifed. Midori Goto made her nature known.
Like the days when Jimmy Crary bit his fingernails bloody and begged for someone to walk him home through a brutal, sadistic assembled mob scene, pleas were ignored. The Seattle Operation was crime and punishment, a story that Leslie Katz was consumed with her senior year. The Crime was squealing on being tortured, the punishment was more of the same. Seattle has tried to weasel out of being called the insane Nazi pigs they were by saying such words are evidence of psychiatric instability, and positioning themselves like the slasher maniacs that they are to strike again. Police laughed when presented with evidence that murderous tormentors had contracted a woman to throw an abortion in my face. King Crimson said it was the principle of the thing and a question of moral Bowie money.
The Black Confederates moved in to administer the Treatment plan for the Fundamentalist Tripartite of James Earls Carter and Ray. King was found to be a World Peace example that would best be consecrated by forgiving the brutal klansman who molested me into a Ringo Starr moneybag investment in child pornography or they’ll blow my motherloving brainsout queerpersonality. They preyed upon my sincerity, dared me to limn their dungeon. No longer a full-fledged man, they plot to indenture me, dizzy from head trauma, into a circuit of brutal labor requirements, while speaking of historic grievance to parade their claim to be behaving morally. Just as Mr. Matey’s advice when learning that we were moving to get away from a mobscene he refused to protect me from, unconcerned when I disappeared for weeks after reporting deadly attacks, was to join the chorus at Allderdice where Andrea Swimmer lay in wait, their psychologist, Arthur Ferraro, said I was pulling the nose off my own face after Swimmer told me to squeeze my blackheads. Could it be?
Final copy was divined by New York Times to Cindy Rudy and Ming Na Wen, who convened to defend HitlerReagan’s command in demanding surrender to those he claimed shot at him, in a jest of hazing, raping deaf Jeannie, slashering Shannon Harps and announcing victorious The Black Man!
_________________ Mac Crary’s father, Ryland Wesley Crary, was the author of the textbook: Humanizing the School

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