Finders, Keepers, Keepers, Authors

It is better not to respond to my posts, because each response brings out more information. Information concerning The Great Backstab, the Beatles’ collusion in the AIDS Onslaught, is inversely comparable to the gamma rays from Fukushima. Gamma rays are invariably deadly to living cells, but if the media doesn’t tell you about them as parents you don’t have to tell your kids.

What you will find in researching the allegation that Pitt and Reagan were behind the AIDS Onslaught and that this is proven by the failure to arrest Gail Burstyn, in light of the Beatles’ Confederation, or advance involvement in Hitler’s revenge, is that the police and investigative detectives whose obligation it has been to uncover what went on and who participated pursuant to prosecution, and historic, accurate journalism, is that those responsible for investigating actively adopted the crime as a mission and are prosecuting it as an agenda with intent to triumph in total war. Obviously this has required significant cultural deception, the lead players of which have been Black Confederates. Despite Reagan’s horrific dishonesty and psychopathy, it’s not very logical to say they shot him, are the enemy and therefore we should help them do it and support them; not even a syphilis-addled spin witch like Pener Gabriel can make that perverse.

Touch briefly on the problem of JFK assassination researchers in their petty cloys of obsession with details devoid of circumspect analysis. They failed to justify not divulging in a timely way the awareness of the case. They failed to admit the motive, means and evidence for authorship by Hitler and Reagan. They banned me and having banned me one of them, like a girl, failed to thank me for a book autographed by Jim Garrison that I sent him overseas to considerable nuisance and expense, apparently for fear the sorority would look down on him. These pack leader snivellers rake the coals while kicking like hounds to cover the dirty.

King Crimson of course are not girls. They are ravenous putrids trying to over malice a horde of English skinheads with Roland guitars trying to angle on their enigma Oedipalean. In Eno’s senility his endless depredation on fact as fiction with fiction as fact advocated for a Nazi Japanese prig named Midori Goto in her lair with Nancy Reagan, raping deaf Jeannie, as a symphony of the perverse. She castrated someone who loved her and what that says about the Ono/Burstyn/Warhol group operating in Pittsburgh in 1974 is perfectly obvious. There has never been a crime this odious, what’s one more stinkbomb?

Case GD-14-023216 is scheduled to be settled on March 10, 2015 at 10:30 a.m. Attorney Malone failed to provide the location, but it is Room 703, City County Building. I plan to present the situation to the Judge and withdraw the complaint to due poverty and the assurance of PITT attorney they will not charge legal fees if I do. My mother mustn’t find out.

My letter of intention to withdraw states the obvious: I lack the legal requirements to see my complaint through the process as required by standard procedure in the State of Pennsylvania and wish to arrange withdrawal of my complaint. The acts of holocaustal hate crime, terror, horrific cruelty, SADISM, mayhem, abuse, brutality, insane purpose and horrid, soul-raping direction of the University of Pittsburgh CLEARLY TOOK COGNIZANCE AND PURPOSEFULLY PLANNED THE ATTACK IN LIGHT OF my inexperience, childhood condition, with intent to purposefully impair my cognitive processes PURSUANT TO AN IMPUNITY THEY NOW ENJOY in success of their unspeakable, scandalous and unprovoked atrocity.

The crime manufactured illusion of accomplice, a hostage-taking identity crime. They targetted the person in the University best positioned to refute their premise for atrocity. They knew that mortally injuring the cognitive processes the golem would have little hope of matching procedural requirements as a non-attorney.

The scandalous nature of the University of Pittsburgh, their mutilationism, defamation, terroristic criminality was not addressed by their law firm’s capability. It testified to the Nazi-styled gangsterism at PITT, and is a sad day for me.

James Crary

In other words as a child, battered into neurobedience trauma, I was not Ringo Starr having fun in a deceitful game of Finders, Keepers, Keepers, Authors.

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