The Annotated Schizoid Man

Look again at the great backstab, whereby for payola and power Sir McCartney of foreign England confederated with Lennon’s assassins to deceive the AIDS generation in an operation depicted at best as unprovoked Civil War.   In this action the Beatles worked virulently with the fascists behind the Vietnam War, and wetpetted Oliver North cluster as very dependable partners of Ronald Reagan.


The truth of the action comes down to us from a number of sources, not least the Annotated Schizoid Man as understood as a poison crime operation from the police state authorized under the Federal Emergency Management Agency by King Crimson and University of Pittsburgh. The letters of Wattenmaker, Sinfield and Karl are among the fundamental texts of the plot to commission atrocity and deceive the public using John Lennon’s media estate facilities.


Let’s Schizoid Man! From In the Kourt of the Krimson King, snivellingly subtitled: An Observation by King’s killers.

Cats Foot Iron Claw

See Margaret Atwood’s Cats Eye/Iron Lung

Katz as in Leslie Sanetta Katz, no pussyfoot, Iron claw anticipation of the taunted date rape opportunity which never materialized, giving a great deal of frustration to Bill Clinton as he weaseled to depict Leslie as the prima donna par excellence of Rules and Regulations permissing police pornography and attack prostitution on Mt. Desert Island in defense of child mutilationists involved in brutal abduction crime and pedophile bondage snuff cinema, because Reagan didn’t know, myuh.

Neurosurgeons cream for more

Ian Wattenmaker

At Paranoia’s Poison door.

Greg Karl wrote, “the (e.g. forensic) dialectic is established at the outset,” or pigment/figment as gloatingly put by Michael McGarvey

21st Century Schizoid Man.

Detect the foreign upper middle class nyeah, nyeah, nyuh, nyeah, nyeah as it tries to scale the class ladder by parochial innuendo.

Blood racked barbed wire

Here the odious exploitation of the anti-war movement reaches fever pitch as the ghoulish allies of My Lai Powell blare the android zone with angst ridden copy, secretly drooling of bloodthirst as they masquerade in protest.

Politician’s funeral pyre

Shamelessly ripping off Black Sabbath

Innocence raped (like deaf Jeannie) by napalm fire

Oh, but Gurdjieff’s a caution, this is conscious pain and intentional suffering by perpetrators who did it to themselves.

21st Century Schizoid Man

More tangling on the sitar.

Death Seed Blind man’s greed

The truth about King Crimson arrives post-haste, as they pule that death seed is a result of moral blindness, a brutalizing attempt to justify AIDS as paraquat, much as Larry Gellomino related the story of a liquid that was emitted from fire alarms that allowed police to shine a light on the hands of persons nearby to determine who pulled it.   Elizabeth Blumenfeld introduced Gail Burstyn who spoke of the napalmic “jello-man” in the Blumen-Minis tract, evincing Sinfield’s coy mincing of words under the sardonic black woods shade of Sulamith Wulfling, whose piece Blumen and Blotter portends the nerve agent laced blotter acid of paraquat/death seed fame.

Poet’s starving children bleed

Ayn Rand never liked those starving poets and their offspring who disobeyed Sorority row for mandatory abortion. Campus groovies started saying things like, “Anti-Lennon,” instead of anti-Christ at the instigation of Moonunit Zappa and Ming Na Wen, locking into the Ivy League pseudo-poetic nattering of Karl and Sinfield as navigators of a secret war to the tune of queer dementia, a prisoner’s dilemma of language arts locked into soothsay by blackout, failure to warn and Sean Strub’s arrogant, horror deception.

Leslie Katz was more than Rules and Regulations, she was the weapon of the entire franchise, built by amazon slashers like Diamonda Galas with Gail Burstyn and Strub, feminazis they called themselves, raping deaf Jeannie in Ringo’s infinite karmatic mercy on the escalation to genetic nuclear war most merciful on 911.

The foreign English caught onto the heroic element in my detective work on Mt. Desert Island and were so accomplice by then they sought to hotwire into it as their excuse, braying that those who started AIDS were top sacredly building empathy and that to deny it one must die trying to frame Reagan, myuh.


They stated that police attack pornography was therapy but that a battered and heartbroke deaf person managing isolation and brutal neurotrauma with solace pornography was a violation of the utility function.

Nothing he’s got, he really needs

To have nothing means being very needy, and those pale defsukke white poet pinkos get what’s coming cuz dey cudda saved John Lennon, who is Schizoid Man now, dogeyes?

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