How Ming Na Wen Managed a Holy Haul

The White House and Carnegie Mellon without a doubt had a big party in the manner that the operation went so smoothly. The power that pulled off the AIDS Onslaught was a partnership of Hitler and Ringo Starr which Reagan brokered. I’m no longer surprised by how it unfolded. It was written as one man’s tale, to be refuted, poisoned and made into a movie, mass murder for profit.Look quickly at the manner that it was finalized, when Hinckley shot Brady. Reagan had his Labor attorneys take me to D.C. where I was with them on invitation, for the show. Reagan had tortured me, slipped the script of Hitler’s revenge into my home, married my mother through Hollywood, and announced that he was innocent or Obama would take me as a souvenir to hell. They gave me a brochure reading, “there’s no such thing as objective reality only what the jury believes.”

Larry Flynt was called and told of a lucrative pedophile angle. He was told they could announce that the rape of my loved one was penal harm for framing HitlerReagan and that I should be put to death.

The list of terror hate crimes was very gruelling. Peter Gabriel had his fanbase in Manchester Guardian shouting things, like, “did they use a ball gag?” over the rape of deaf Jeannie. This is very typical of St. Louis Forums, as well. Jeannie was raped after Gabriel claimed to be from Amnesty International.

I wasn’t framing Reagan and am not doing so now. The evidence is perfectly clear. Reagan committed an identity crime, which he called I am the Walrus. Tortured me as a child, murder my father and JFK, then staged an assassination attempt on himself to give himself a golden parachute. Backed by Muhammed Ali, Midori Goto, the object of the pussyball operation, and The Beatles, Hitler’s revenge was a rout. The Clintons couldn’t get enough of it. The individual who they appointed as Ark of Colors is an infamous moral imposter, who cares as much about the AIDS Onslaught as he would about Idi Amin.

Gail Burstyn was never arrested. This fact alone proves that Reagan was behind the atrocity.


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