A Fight With The White House

The fact that atrocity was conducted in broad daylight at The University of Pittsburgh during the Nightmare Years of HitlerReagan and to this hour no one cares is a legacy of bad faith in Our Commonwealth.  It is a fight with The White House that predates Obama, but one in which he has moved with stealth and direction to prosecute by subtle display of erratic and shameless ideas of legal structure predicated on his right to perpetuate illegal war games with death outcome on campus.  This vile activity at PITT and CMU renders to a singular state of dementia Wesley Posvar’s claim to have shepherded PITT through the Kent State era with dignity, courage and a deft hand.
Nattering that HitlerReagan wasn’t Hitler Reagan because he endorsed AIDS as found art is so deviant a license for that ravenous child molester operating under the Gurgling Shield of Ringo Starr that one is tempted to take it as their point of departure, but a caution attends in the letters of Gail Burstyn reading, “Only two people would know,” just as only two people would know that he staged the assassination attempt on himself in a world of plastic reality graven in his attorney’s brochure.

Who watches the Watchmen, an old question, gives rise to the newer question:  Who suspected the Watchmen?  Obama’s ploys include the leer that deception for analysis is a police prerogative, not a civilian one.  Officer Christine Secilia agreed that an undercover detective might be in a state of self-deception that adds to their credibility in the environment under investigation.  Is self-deception in the course of discovery illegal?

The American Psychiatric Association is trying to justify Ming Na Wen and Barack Obama, that’s basic.  In their view reporting being brutalized by child molesters as a lab rat is illegal, too, and subject to penal harm.  They bandied from Britain a vantage point called consequentialism that they left under-defined.  Can we derive the meaning?  They escalated blame in an environment where blame was conditional upon silence.  The more I exposed what they have done and are doing, the more I have been attacked and been blamed.  Clearly, they don’t want it to get around that they were party to the AIDS Onslaught and that their attempt to use me for a target of queer hate in a ravenous act of miscarriage is a fraud.

In addition to poisoning vice as the object lesson of their experimental morality laboratory on Mt. Desert Island, they have furiously denied agency in the attacks on little jimmuh quee.   Yet the letters make clear that agency was at work, as do the injuries to the face, the ears, the optic nerve and my civil reputation.  Assassination was at work.  Any attempt to reason with them is regarded as blasphemy and their preference mode is set to Attila.  Preference was the name of game and they brag of triumphal prediction.  They illustrated me as an object lesson in an environment of counter-detection.

Three possibilities present themselves at this late date about Ringo Starr.  Ringo killed John.  John escaped or Ringo cared only about gold.  Let’s safely assume the last possibility to be truth and that the vanity of the Beatles was based on Martha Gellhorn’s claim that the British were unconcerned and unaffected by AIDS, giving some meaning to their bray in stealing the papers of Gail Burstyn to advance her agenda, “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts” (Amanda Harcourt), and Penny’s whining that Hero cudda met Archimedes and averted the population explosion, strange sentiments from those claiming to be endowed with magic sugar to wow the victims, while acting in their interest.

The island of Positive and Negative Moralism that arrived from Pitt is a response team hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.  The existence of a lure is not disputed. The presence of unrequited love was well known.  The cause of the lure they claim was the letter to Leslie Katz.  The cause of the letter being Leslie Katz they furiously deny, just as you may not speak in college of the force of creation between two human beings.  My lawsuit against Dr. John Eskridge miscarried but was based on CCAC’s participation with Rosa Monteleone and the presence of Dr. Peg Simons in the affair, a friend of Eskridge in feminist philosophy,  queuing up at the cloister of clucking over the bizarre claim that failure to date rape is a punishable offense under Reagan’s military jurisdiction (an absence of manhood in the quah-thing?)  Make yourself useful to Her Holy Quislingness.

Identifying Harcourt brings us close to arrival in detecting The High Female (QE) of the Combine.  No drama they decree.  Healing is a fait accompli.

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