What Machiavellianism Reveals About the Love Songs of the Beatles

Paul McCartney is a thug and an assassin who confederated with Lennon’s killers in the AIDS Onslaught after becoming convinced they could pull it off with a portfolio offer they extended replete with political action.  It is time this murderer’s legend be addressed by the simple truth.  http://texasschoolbook.weebly.com  Motivated, as usual, by greed.  He is a virulent, a rabid, a Nazi and an odious faceliar, to name a few justified categories into which this celebrity ogre falls.

The reason it isn’t enough to know that Slur Paul McCartney worked with Lennon’s killers on a rape lynch frenzy towards an innocent person in greed is that the Chief Executive Office as cultural magnate committed this lewd, bizarre hatecraft supposedly as revenge by Reagan for the murder of the Lennon at a time when I sought publicly to exonerate him in a Pitt News article: Skinhead Divine Comedy. Due to the involvement of Presidential syphilitics the tyrannical shame of klansmen multiplied in the name of hysterical local religion when Ku Blackists entered the bandwagon announcing their agency as a spoils fight, all of which is shown a war treaty of prior arrangement. Accordingly, the media, led by The New York Times, has bitterly fought to obstruct justice and shadow history, illustrating their collaborationism in atrocity as a license for slasher murder with promotion of purposeful misunderstanding as a RAM tactic of the iron fist.


The perpetrators made a big show of supporting and encouraging the student left’s 60’s uprising. Their doctrine was called a twist of Lennon: to scream in suffering is a threat. To question using Lennon for the opposite of what he stood for was declared insulting the Beatles authority and hegemony. Scary cruelty from the berserk mind of deranged LSD skinheads erupted in Pittsburgh when English made their landstake, all of which was in defense of Gail Burstyn and her promotion to benefit Slur McCartney, showing clearly that American Labor is in service of British Royalists and eccentrics who are barely distinguishable from cannibals. The absolute horror of their atrocity mongering in partnership with Hitler illuminates the way that Ringo Starr ravenously consumes his own sadism as delectable.

It’s very draining as you can no doubt tell.


Identity crime as union violence with a slipknot gave a foreign service air of burlesque to the Zappa enclave and their brutal inquisition. The Zappas seemed to reach never-satisfied fevers of cruelty renewed with every revelation of partnership in war crime. It was as though they sought to exonerate themselves by acting out the rapine of their murderers to blame.


Oliver North through this glass darkly appears probably arranged as a stage personage for cowardly British backstage crowing, posturing in reaction formation, oh you’ll use a fall guy, then why shouldn’t little Jimmy be left holding the bag, in which they had poured a rag drenched in paint thinner for poor man’s ether while sending me The Story of the Bird.

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