Why did the HAIR Generation not respond to AIDS even when shown to have been targeting them? That took some considerable ingenuity. Some of the less sincere haters are made sick reading the truth and wonder they should have been driven by Nordenberg and Lapham into such rancid intrigues proving the lie of their rhetorical […]

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Is Castration Hazing?

They say I loved too much, but I loved gently. There are good reasons I did not believe that Mr. Fripp and petergabriel would do what they have done with impunity in shocking brutality beyond police and Reagan, much less torment me in the heart through a home invasion of Rosine Monteleone, although perhaps this […]

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Exhibits in GD-14-023216 Crary vs. Univ. of Pgh.

Exhibit One:  Letter of compassion and remorse from Mayor Peduto. Exhibit Two:  Letter from Gail Burstyn illustrating a “purple disc thingo”. Exhibit Three:  Enlargement. Exhibit Four:  Letter from little Jimmy after overdose on powerful LSD laced with military nerve agent. Exhibit Five:  Letter from Burstyn naming Ian Wattenmaker, brother of Neurobehavioral Researcher William Wattenmaker, member […]

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It’s a matter of record that Yoko Ono’s attorney Amanda Harcourt contacted me in 1985 while I worked at Falk Medical Library and began a correspondence that continued until 1988 on Mt. Desert Island with Peter Gabriel’s road show.  A person cannot, even in this present atmosphere of political hysteria, be locked up for speaking […]

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Finders, Keepers, Keepers, Authors

It is better not to respond to my posts, because each response brings out more information. Information concerning The Great Backstab, the Beatles’ collusion in the AIDS Onslaught, is inversely comparable to the gamma rays from Fukushima. Gamma rays are invariably deadly to living cells, but if the media doesn’t tell you about them as […]

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The Last Liberal Shock Jock

Thomas Hale Gordon, Magna Cum Laude in Social Anthopology at Harvard once remarked dryly, “Perhaps God has a sense of humor.” We know that both Reagan and Hitler did. We also know that the AIDS Onslaught was engineered socially as a great big nuclear jest. The death of rich queers in Europe gave rise to […]

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