AIDS: The Beatles’ Ingredient

An Historic Recipe 1.  Pittsburgh Powers horrifically brutalized, kidnapped, pedophiled, violated, tortured, mutilated and molested me in a terroristic series of unspeakable hate crimes, as a Hollywood investment on prurient interest by public vampires. 2.  Leslie Katz reported me as politically incorrect. 3.  David Lucarelli stole letters sent to me during the surreal, unspeakable ordeal […]

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The Lowest of the Triumphant

It is extremely difficult on a deaf man’s morale even had the assassins not struck back with schizophrenia to labor thanklessly for decades reporting an atrocity in the hope of finding even one courageous other person. One fan of the Beatles glared at me and said, “if this were true why are we only hearing […]

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Eternal Damnation

The story begins with felony child battery and hideous molestation of a traumatized grade school child in what has been proven to be a terroristic police state Holocaust simulation experiment, yet the police, instead of investigating, are monitoring home use of the neurotraumatic therapy station (online pornography) which they conceptualized as Union compensation for being […]

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Sweet-talking the Assassins

Links to the schizophrenic anthropology, in contrast to the droning pseudo-explanations of American armchair psychiatrists and their brainwashed victims serving the celebrity superstate, an expose of the putrid, hostile, evil eccentrics like Robert Fripp of King Crimson, who served as an informant for the AIDS Combine in Hitler’s Revenge, and promoter of Islamofascism masquerading as […]

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